Photoshop CS4 update now available

Adobe has released an update for Photoshop CS4 (Mac|Win). You can also get the update by choosing Help->Updates from within Photoshop. From the download page:


  • A number of issues that could cause slow performance have been addressed.
  • Pen barrel rotation with Wacom tablets now works correctly.
  • Photoshop now correctly recognizes 3D textures edited by a plug-in.
  • The quality of the results of Auto-Blend Layers (Stack Images) has been improved.
  • A problem that could result in a crash when pasting formatted text has been fixed.
  • A crash that could result from a corrupt font no longer occurs.


I’m sorry that these problems got past us in testing, and the team thanks everyone who helped bang on the fixes before the update was released.


[On a related note, InDesign CS4 has also been updated (Mac|Win); see the download pages for details.]

68 thoughts on “Photoshop CS4 update now available

  1. Hell yea!
    Can i ask a question: why didn’t Photoshop notify me that there are some updates available? Not a big deal, since notification from you is more personal, but still =)
    [We got flamed so hard for the update manager popping up that Adobe changed the policy: now you’re notified only of critical updates (e.g. security-related patches), but you can get the other ones by choosing Help->Updates. It’s obviously not a perfect solution, but it leads to fewer Updater-related complaints. –J.]

  2. Is this update for International languages only? I see no English version in the list (unless I missed it).
    [The English version is listed in the section below the international section. I’ve also linked to it directly from the post above. –J.]

  3. Apparently the performance issues have indeed been resolved, so it was only how many months for Adobe to release the final version of CS4, as opposed to the very buggy beta that had been floated around?
    Sorry if I sound angry, but CS4 should never have been released as it was –i.e., a sorry mess.
    I truly wonder if Adobe realizes the loss of support things like these cause among its users? It’s like CaptureONE, the powers-that-bet at PhaseONE became so arrogant and dismissive of their customer base, many long-time users (I’m one of them) have simply quit using the software.
    I hope Adobe doesn’t fall for the Too-Big-To-Fail charade, because it just may.

  4. Jan, we’re working with NVIDIA on getting that one resolved and are making some progress. I’m sure John will blog it when there’s new news.

  5. In response to M. Rodriguez:
    I don’t believe Adobe authorized a public beta, so if you are referring to the initial release of CS4, I respectfully disagree with your opinion. The entire Master Collection has been running quite nicely on my Mac Pro since the day it shipped. I’ve encountered the pen issue, and some UI quirks, but nothing that seriously slowed me down or prevented work. Performance, while not stellar under certain conditions (3D and large smart objects), has been good. Certainly I would not characterize it as ‘a sorry mess’.
    Most major applications are now calendar driven, which is not to give an excuse but rather to provide context. It is a sad comment that nearly all significant applications released these days are followed up with patches and revisions. But you should understand that every day that passes causes more configuration variances than the day before. Prerelease teams can only be so big and cover only so much territory.
    So, the natural question is: what system are you running and what SPECIFIC problems have you had? Did you report them to make the application better? Did you do any research to see if others have similar problems? Are you certain any problems you encounter are specific to the application, and not due to other configuration issues or perhaps even the user?
    Adobe and other companies never want to release anything that is less than 100%. However, there are many considerations from schedules and marketing to diminishing returns on testing time. If Adobe waited for the software to be flawless, you’d never have a chance to use it because it simply would never be released.
    Providing feedback on application performance and behavior is very much encouraged. Berating an application in general terms with vague assertions is just about worthless. Here’s a suggestion: lodge your specific complaints and work towards a solution.

  6. Great!
    I downloaded it earlier today, and Photoshop is ALOT faster than before. Now I can finally use it as it was intended.

  7. I still seem to be having the marquee problem (being one pixel to the right) when “Enable OpenGL Drawing” is checked. I’ve been running PS without this checked and was hoping it would be fixed in a future update. Apparently it is still an issue I am having even after this update. Oh well. Maybe the next update…

  8. Well, I respectfully disagree with the policy of only notifying us of critical updates. Let us choose between the two! I want the good stuff!
    Had to make it more complex, what’s the use of complaining otherwise? ;-D

  9. Thank you for the information. I just processed the update. But it was only installed on the 64Bit-Version.
    If i check it unter Help->About photoshop there ist sill standing Version 11.0 under 32bit.

  10. I was hoping that the update will solve two issues.
    1. The marching ants (marquee problem) that selections are one pixel to the right.
    2. And the most annoying thing that if I want to work with documents in photoshop in tabbed view I can not drag and drop layers from one document to the other. A major hassle for me.
    Any ideas if these issues will be fixed?

  11. Before the update my CS4 Ext. used to run a series of complex tasks 20% slower on average than CS3 Ext. (on the same image, ceteris paribus).
    The update was a nitro boost. Now CS4 runs the same tasks 15% faster than CS3 on my system. That’s really good news as far as the performance is concerned. Thanks.

  12. Thanks! It installed just fine for both x32 and x64. But I still have NO easy way of knowing which version I’m running — short of dipping into the Preferences|Performance settings.

  13. — Selecting adjustments layers is an issue —-
    I had suffered from the OpenGL lag and slowdowns of the initial version of CS4 so I never could use it.
    This update solved issues for drawing, moving layers and so forth (at least). I can now also disable OpenGL and it roughly feels like CS3. As far as performance is concerned, both (with or without OpenGL) are rather similar.
    I say “roughly” similar to CS3 because when working on large files, it quickly becomes apparent that the user interface reacts quite slowly. The new way of merging the adjust layers modal boxes within the interface has a SEVERE drawback: clicking on adjustment layers becomes painfully slow when the number of layers raises.
    Say for instance that you’ve got a Curves adjustment layer on top of a large image. You can select any regular layer or group without a problem. But when it comes to selecting an adjustment layer, Photoshop needs to perform computations before displaying for instance the Curves. This was already the case previously, and it could take one second or too display the modal box. No problem. BUT now it freezes the whole user interface, waiting for the curves to display in the Appareance pannel.
    This means that for a second, the adjustment layer you’ve clicked on doesn’t become selected. This is very frustrating.
    If your purpose when clicking on the adjustment layer is to modify the Curve, then fine. You can’t modify it before it’s computed, right? But this becomes quite sluggish and stupid if you just need to modify / paint its mask. Then each time you click on the adjustment layer, you need to wait two seconds (for computing a Curve you don’t need) before painting on the mask.
    This is VERY annoying and I can’t use Photoshop like this.
    I thought this might be an issue when computing the histogram that is displayed within the Curves. Disabling it doesn’t fix it. Similarly, collapsing the Adjustments panel still makes the whole thing slow. You can even remove it from the user interface without success.
    To summarize:
    SELECTING ADJUSTMENTS LAYERS SHOULD BE INSTANTANEOUS. I don’t want Photoshop to start computing something when all I need is modify the mask.
    PS: Another issue I have is text: if you modify it, then zoom in or out several times, the old text displays for a second before the new text is computed at the new zooming scale.

  14. Regarding the marquee problem with the edge being off by a pixel:
    I believe this is GPU-dependent. Some cards display the marquee correctly, while some draw it off. It’s probably not an easy fix, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. But there is a workaround: Turn off the OpenGL canvas. It’s up to you to decide if an accurate marquee is more important than a rotating, smooth-zooming canvas.

  15. Following up my previous comment, here is something you can try. Just download this short file:
    Then open it in CS4 and change the image size from 300×300 to 3000×3000 pixels.
    Now, within the layers palette, click on the topmost curves layer and on the bottom one. On my computer, click on the topmost makes a lag while the bottom one is activated promptly.
    This shows that there is a slowdow in the computation of adjustment layers.
    Hope this helps.

  16. After some more investigation, here are some new elements to the problem I’ve discussed:
    – The slowdown only affects adjustments layers
    – It neither depends on GPU acceleration nor Cache Levels (none of them fix the issue)
    – It occurs both on Mac and XP, as far as I tried. On my XP, the lag is ~1 second on my file, 0.25 second on one Mac.
    – The slowdown does not only happen when *selecting* the adjustment layer mask, but also when *painting* on it, or undoing / redoing your paint. If I paint on the topmost adjustment layer mask and release the mouse button while moving my mouse over the Layers palette, my cursor should go back to the regular arrow cursor. Instead, it lags for a second, and keeps the circular brush shape over the Layer palette before it goes back to the regular arrow cursor. Undoing my last brush (or redoing it) takes exactly the same lag again (1 second between both). It makes Photoshop looking slow.
    When using a mask on a regular layer (on top of my adjustment layer), everything runs smoothly.
    None of these happens on CS3.

  17. I have a Vista Ultimate 64 bit computer. I currently have Photoshop CS4 (32 bit and 64 bit) installed along with Indesign CS4. Adobe Updater found the updates and downloaded them but each one failed during install. I tried installing manually and got the same error message. Update failed. From what searching I have done Adobe is saying I have to uninstall the applications that failed as well as remove installation files. Adobe is indicating this is a Vista 64 bit problem. Any ideas? I would hate to have to uninstall Photoshop with all the plugins and actions I have each time I want to do an update. Thanks

  18. So will there be a 11.0.2 update? If not, I’ll just delete CS4 and stick with CS3. It doesn’t look like any of the bugs I reported way back in November (and Adobe support reproduced) got fixed by 11.0.1.

  19. I tried to install it on Vista Home Premium without success (got a “failed” message). Called Adobe and someone worked with me for 20 minutes–still with no success. I ran out of time and thanked him. But I think Adobe needs to know that this “upgrade patch” isn’t easily installable in Vista.

  20. “1. The feature is still mildly broken across platforms. Rotating the canvas 360 degrees using Shift-key snapping results in a blurry image with “0” displayed in the degree box. Photoshop has had this sort of rounding bug in many places for a long time.
    [I’ll ask QE to investigate. –J.]”
    I can give you many examples of rounding bugs. Make a 3×3 pixel image. Make a new layer, and color the middle pixel black. Duplicate this layer and convert it to a smart object. Make a black solid color layer and apply a bitmap mask with the middle pixel colored white. Make a black solid color layer and apply a vector mask with the center pixel selected.
    You now have 4 layers all coloring the same pixel using different methods. Rotate the image 45 degrees. Now all of the layers are unique!
    As far as unifying application UI’s across across different OS’s or making them unconventional, I don’t care much, except in one regard… the window frame. I want to be able to use my OS to manage my windows.
    Yeah, I know OS X Spaces isn’t officially supported, but it mostly worked OK in CS3. CS4 apps behave horribly with Spaces on. I even have an issue with Configurator, I can’t drag its window to my top screen if it opens on the bottom screen. (lower monitor is a Cintiq)
    Windows 7 has a feature that lets you make a window fill up half the screen by dragging the windows against the left or right side of the screen. Doesn’t work with CS4. No Drop shadows under CS4 windows.

  21. I fixed my problem and my apologies to Adobe. My CS4 update problem was due to AVG antivirus free version thinking Adobe Updater was a trojan. I went to the virus vault for AVG and restored two trojan entries for Adobe Updater and all CS4 updates installed. Make sure AVG is turned off during install (I thought I had it off) and check virus vault for false trojans. I found the answer on the Adobe Forums.
    [Thanks for the follow-up, Mike. Glad to hear things worked out. –J.]

  22. We have tested update on vista x64 running the 64bit Photoshop. Have had no troubles at all. Downloaded via the adobe website and installed first time and everything works fine.

  23. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I was ready to give up on painting with CS4 as it just didn’t handle brushes as well as CS3. This update fixed everything!! I don’t expect people to never make mistakes, but I do expect that they’ll make up for them. Thank you for being accountable and giving me the product I bought. Better late than never and I’m now very happy with the results
    [That’s awesome to hear, Patrick. Sorry it took a while, and thanks for sticking with us. –J.]

  24. Just two questions:
    1) Did Adobe change the brushes engine from PS CS3 to CS4?
    2) Don’t you think that Adobe is targeting PS mostly for Photographers and Designers than Illustrators?

  25. I built a brand new Win 64 box to run CS4 and was horribly disappointed with the initial release. Waaaay slower than CS3 ever was. The update fixed all! Many thanks!

  26. No, no, NO!!
    The cursor problem has NOT been solved for my NVDIA GeForce 9300M GS.
    I have made a complete re-installation of XP, installe CS4 and updated.
    Everything is as before.
    Useless! When – and how – will this be solved?
    Frustrated regards, Jan

  27. I bought a MacBook Pro and installed a newly purchased Master collection CS4. For some strange reason, the Adobe Updater won’t update it self and always found no updates.
    Anything missing?
    In my windows version, it found updates and downloads them accordingly.

  28. If the incomplete cursor is not fixed with the latest NVidia driver, then please contact NVidia and give them your system details so they can figure out what they missed.

  29. Chris:
    You bet I have tried, and I have downloaded a newer NVIDIA driver, but it’s a Lenovo laptop, and you cannot install it from NVIDIA’s site.
    You have to wait for Lenovo to sort of release a newer driver.
    I can’t say who’s to solve what, bu what is true is, that I find lots of people on the Internet complaining about this issue.
    Any help is relly appreciated.

  30. Funny solution!?!
    I installed the Geforce Release 182 on my Lenovo laptop SL500 with no problem, and apparently it solved the Adobe CS4 fragmenting cursor problem.
    Thanks to that!
    BUT… I am wondering how this was possible. The Geforce Release 182 is a DESKTOP release – though supporting 1680 x 1050 displays, I cannot get I was able to install this on a Lenovo Laptop.
    Can anybody enlighten me on this? Maybe I have done something I shouldn’t have…

  31. I upgraded to CS4 for Mac, using an iMac, and have a Nvidia GeForce 7600 GT with 256Mb Vram, 2.33 dual processors and 3Gb RAM) and anytime I try to use the magnetic lasso it will not work.
    Photoshop appears to hang, and no line appears for magnetic lasso. When I go to my dock and attempt to force quit CS4, dock icons around Photoshop icon display with pixeled lines in lieu of image. The same holds true after installing the Photoshop update.
    Troubleshooting this at Apple I have been advised to reinstall my operating system as magnetic lasso works in safe mode but not in standard. I am really angry and disappointed with Adobe because of this and also no longer supporting an import into Photoshop with my scanner. Per Apple I am running the latest drivers for the Nvidia. My processor, 2.33Ghz and my RAM 3 Gb meet requirements as well.
    I went to Adobe’s customer support portal and posted after logging in going back to check for a response but Adobe advises I have no open support cases.
    So here I am trying to figure out if Photoshop CS4 will even work once I have wiped my drive and reinstalled everything. I have no adequate words to express how angry I am about this!

  32. Just one question…forgive me if it has been covered because I’m sure this must have been mentioned at some point…Is there any way to install/update Cs4 with a canvas rotation option, so that you can spin the canvas while painting? This is pretty much the only reason I use Painter at times…and is also what drives me absolutely nuts not having in PS. It would be a huge help to me because I have been working with your software much longer and my work flow is much faster….and would be ten times that with this option…THANKS!

  33. I didn’t see a solution posted in all the comments. Does anyone know how to removed the tabbed view when opening multiple documents? Most of my work is in layers and moving them from one file to another or several. The only way I know how to get around this is to open the files, then resize the window, then drag each file out of the tabs. Really has increased my workflow and slowed me down.
    I am running CS4 on MacBook Pro OS 10.5.6.

  34. I can’t update any CS4 product. I constantly get a MS message saying XXX has experienced a serious error and has to close. Anyone else seeing this? Thanks!

  35. Please help…I am running miserably slow when working on my photos. When I go to erase it does not erase where I want it too. When I go to clone it keeps on doing a smudge as if I was holding down the control key when I am not (so I am back stepping 30 times before I get the clone I want). When I go to rotate, transform, and/or move a layer it is so snappy that it flips upside down, moves completely off the palate, enlarges to enormous proportions rather than gets smaller, etc. When I use the rectangle or oval marquee it wants to select what it wants, not what I want. I am running double my time because of these ridiculous issues and my workflow has been drastically reduced on a daily basis. Please adivse, anyone.

  36. Sorry maybe it is not the good place to post this but i didn’t knew how to send you an email john.
    I have a long time question about photoshop optimization on Mac Platform.
    I did every thing I can to have the best scratches, VM, Mem, proc etc. But i discover that photoshop still use the startup disk for storing temp data when using a smart object. As i make an extensive use of BIG smart object and my startup disk is not the fastest in my computer it gets all my perf down!! I cannot understand why don’t photoshop use the scratch disk to save the smart object temp File. or at least give us the oportunity to specify a temp directory for that.
    I am asking every one i know because i think it is a real shame or maybe there is something that i have understood!!!
    Sorry again for posting here if it is not the good place just delete the post

  37. Hello John, thanks to you and your team for working with your users on this… I’ve sadly been the victim of quite a few companies who’d rather pass the buck between hardware vendors, license holders and non-existent pits of blame.
    I’m glad Adobe is taking steps to do something about this… sadly the problem still persists on the machines at our campus. Our BIMM class (Business and multimedia) started up on bare bones budget so our machines were built custom to save money, most of the parts coming from craigslist and other person to person second hand sites…
    A great deal of the machines we’ve tried to run our classroom licensed version of CS4 on are not fixed by this, we’re constant uninstalled, on the phone to your company, and trying again with fresh installs on the next beast.
    The WORST speed problems come from the Nvidia machines we’ve got running 8800 GTS models on, we have two of them and one is vista, one is XP 32 bit, in both cases it runs like crap… blur, healing brush and layer masks are all lagging by a second or so on images larger than 512 with brushes over 150 pixel.
    Our machines have had fresh DX9 and DX10 installs, fresh drivers after driver sweeper and have had your registry key fixes attempted prior to and after the patch.
    The other thing in common with the worst performers is the pentium duel core early models and the precursors, such as the pentium D 950, 940 and so forth. We have no AMD chips to test on currently.
    Hope this helps.

  38. olivier: (you would be better off posting in the user to user forums)
    MacOS (and other Unix systems) have specific locations (like /tmp) where the OS wants applications to put files that get automatically cleaned up. Smart Object files get saved in just such a location, specified by the OS. If Photoshop put the files elsewhere, they risk accumulating and never getting deleted.
    Maybe we can find a better way to handle the temp files in the future – but right now we’re doing what the OS guidelines say to do.

  39. I wanted to address an issue mentioned above briefly and that is the relationship with loyal customers. I have been using Photoshop since ver 2.5 – as a photographer in the late 80’s I dreamed of being Pete Turner for a day and when Photoshop came along I was hooked.
    I moved into the web as soon as graphics were possible – with Photoshop. The only relationship longer than that is my first wife. She was a controller so I had enough after a while – see where I am headed?
    After the web crashed in 2001 we were all sent scrambling – broke and hungry.
    After a long awaited comeback we were quitting our bag boy jobs and slowly returning to the web, trying to resurrect our dusty systems, get the software we needed – Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
    Designers had a great relationship with Macromedia – nuff said – great. We all thought wouldn’t it be great if Photoshop was embedded in DW instead of Fireworks!!?? Only problem is, Adobe tactics got embedded into Dreamweaver as well.
    As some of us were just getting to the point of new purchase power to buy Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS THREE, Adobe throws another “must have” combo at us (CS4) while we’re still paying off our credit card for CS3.
    The reality was not only was Adobe not ready to release it – we were’nt ready to have it released on us. The computers needed to run it correctly are in our kids bedrooms!
    People who work on computers don’t have 64 bit game enhanced boxes (I do now!!) – especially if they have a job at a corp.
    Not only that but the anti virus software that runs on 64 bits combs the resident programs on the hard drive as well as the web and email, etc. That can add measurably to the slowdown and make you crazy – especially before you figure out what’s going on.
    After buying a dual core Intel processor w/ 2 megs of L2cache, 4 gigs of ram, a 500 gig SATA hard drive with a 16 meg buffer DREAMWEAVER ran like crap – until I untied it from AVG’s resident scan. That’s just another thing to figure out while you are trying to make a living in spite of hinderances.
    I tried PS CS4 and hated it, tried to “try” CS3 but it wasn’t available!! What? I have no choice?? After all these years of buying whatever Adobe threw at me.
    Nay, say I – I went online and found a legal, in a box, full retail copy of PS CS-THREE for under $200 and scooped it up. Very happy with that. The interface wasn’t screwed with and it is ten times as fast. Why would anyone want tabs in Photoshop? Or why is it necessary to rename, move and make function-free changes to age old tools?
    Can’t get my Epson scanner to work with PS CS3 – why? Epson told me a patch comes standard with Photoshop CS4 – but is isn’t even obtainable elsewhere. Will that force me to but CS4 now that I am 64 bit? NOPE! I have CS3 on my old, networked 32 bit box and CS2 on my laptop. I will scan from there.
    I have had problems with the Dreamweaver activation software locking me out of my own property – yes, Adobe owns the the copyright but, by God, I paid for it and it’s mine. Just like: I don’t have the right to make and sell copies of Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy” but it has never refused me the right to listen!
    Now Adobe is starting to look a lot like my first wife – controlling and uncompromising. Since we’re talking relationships here; me (you) and Adobe….Well, I do not have any kids by Adobe and we’re not getting along so well…so there isn’t a whole lot stopping my eyes from wandering.
    The old monopolies are dropping like flies – there is more choice every day for browsers, anti-virus, utility system cleanup, maintenance and others.
    MS ExpressionWeb is getting better and and better; who knows – if Bill Gates wants to compete with Adobe – they better watch out. NOBODY is irreplaceable – NOBODY!
    Business is about relationships
    Anything by G. Clotaire Rapaille. They could learn tons from him.

  40. Please advise me on an issue with regard to upgrading to CS4 Extended. I currently have CS installed. When I install CS4, it does not recognise CS and will not allow me to continue with the installation except in trial mode. Please do not tell me to contact Customer Support as they do not work weekends which is the only time that I can contact them. (Mon to Friday 9 to 5 eliminates my contact options as I am at work.)

  41. HP Vista 32-64 refuses to complete install of either Lightroom2 from a disk or Lightroom 2.3 from web download. Each time it proceeds with install, then just disappears- no screen, no error message, no happiness!

  42. this probably isn’t the appropriate thread for this question, but oh well… does anyone know why the eraser on my wacom pen would work in illustrator but not photoshop? when i try to use it in photoshop, it just continues to paint or draw as if i was using the pentip side…i am new to the program and am extremely frustrated. any help would be greatly appreciated…could find nothing in the blogs addressing this specifically. thank you.

  43. I’ve recently installed, and re-installed, Photoshop CS4. Now, when I use the black eyedropper on the curves adjustment layer and click on the image’s darkest spot, nothing happens. No effect is shown. To get that I have to go to the toolbar and click on any tool. Then the image changes. I’ve tried re-setting the preferences to default and also erasing the preferences file alltogether but it has not helped.
    Any suggestions?

  44. John: My real problem is when I am in the middle of my work, Phoshop closes without error message or saying something is wrong. Please advaice. Also, how to removed the tabbed view when opening multiple documents? The only way I know how to get around this is to open the files, then resize the window, then drag each file out of the tabs. Really has increased my workflow and slowed me down.
    I am running CS4 Extended on W XP SP3
    Carlos E. Quevedo

  45. Carlos,
    “Also, how to removed the tabbed view when opening multiple documents? ”
    Preferences/Interface/uncheck “open docs in tabs

  46. I’ve got trouble, when drawing in PS CS4 I’m experiencing major lag. I’ve already updated my graphics card (Geforce 9300m GS) and updated PS to the latest version (Version: 11.0.1)
    And updated my wacom intuos 3 drivers as well.
    Still I experience lag while drawing… Can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance

  47. I’m always surprised at users who are afraid to update products such as Adobe. Updates help solve problems. Create a restore point before updating and if you don’t like the results of the update, rollback the system.

  48. I’m I the only one who hates the way CS4 displays a partial ‘circle’ for a brsh shape when you get into bigger sizes? is there a work-around I’m missing? thanks

  49. I have installed the updates and My CS4 is un-usably slow. I’m still forced to use CS3.
    I have pretty Fast pentium duo core2 6600@2.40ghz.
    fast Nvideo 9800GTX+ video card.
    Latest drivers.
    CS4 is slow with and without OpenGL drawing checked.
    I find it’s still “A MESS” as someone referred to it above.

  50. im runing windows 7 on an hp pavilion dv6700 and iv instaled the master colection of adobe cs4 and every time im trying to use vanshing point on ps the program crashes!!! what to do?

  51. I recently installed CS4 and found out I no longer can import from my Epson 1240 scanner. When I went to the help site I found many other complaints about this and one response from Jack Nack was that there was a Photoshop Twain plug is in the “Goodies” folder. I can’t find the goodies folder in any of the CS4 stuff.

  52. I’m using Photoshop CS4 and Dell Inspiron M6300. It’s taking a really long time to crop. Is this a known problem? I installed the update above.

  53. I am running PS 11.0.2 & Mac Power Book 10.6.4. All of a sudden, I can no longer move selections easily. If I try to move one layer or object, PS moves my entire group or the cursor jumps to random layers. It’s infuriating. Anyone else experiencing problems with the move tool or selections? The only way I can almost work around this is to apple-select the layer, make sure the layer isn’t within a group, click V to move, use my arrow keys to move, and then hope the right selection moves. Even this doesn’t work all
    the time. Should I revert to the original install of CS4? It’s unusable like this. I also have the GeForce 9600 GT card & 9400M. No updates found for Mac. No problems other than occasional crashes before this upgrade.

  54. I am running PS 11.0.2 & Mac Power Book 10.6.4. All of a sudden, I can no longer move selections easily. If I try to move one layer or object, PS moves my entire group or the cursor jumps to random layers. It’s infuriating. Anyone else experiencing problems with the move tool or selections? The only way I can almost work around this is to apple-select the layer, make sure the layer isn’t within a group, click V to move, use my arrow keys to move, and then hope the right selection moves. Even this doesn’t work all
    the time. Should I revert to the original install of CS4? It’s unusable like this. I also have the GeForce 9600 GT card & 9400M. No updates found for Mac. No problems other than occasional crashes before this upgrade.

  55. I have the updates already and still unstable. Very unstable, every time I open Photoshop the custom adobe window disappear and the vista window corner appear with the statement ‘Not Responding’ near the Photoshop window’s title.
    I’m using Vista 64bit AMD Quad Core 8 Gigs RAM, I tried using the non-64bit version that comes with the Master Collection, but still.
    Every time I try to close a current window – Not Responding. Every time I open a new project – Not Responding… and on and on.
    It might be possible that having both versions installed is causing the problem?

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