Wide-angle image correction tech

Adobe researcher Aseem Agarwala, working with Maneesh Agrawala & Robert Carroll at Berkeley, has demonstrated techniques to enable “Content-Preserving Projections for Wide-Angle Images.” That may sound a little dry, but check out the demo video (10MB QT) to see how the work enables extremely wide-angle photography. [Via Dan Goldman]
Aseem contributed the depth-of-field extension feature to Photoshop CS4. For previous entries showing advanced imaging work, check out this blog’s Image Science category.

One thought on “Wide-angle image correction tech

  1. What’s with those image science guys lately? Whatever it is you’ve been pouring into their coffee is definitively working. Just when I thought I had recovered from last week’s crazy video stabilization thing.
    I would love to try this on panoramas. Oh boy, I’m getting that CS5 itch.

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