Adobe TV: Masking, cloning, and more

Adobe TV is hosting some new photography- and Photoshop-related content:

  • Designing Minds – Ben Watts (Part 1)

    This episode of Designing Minds features industry-praised photographer Ben Watts. In the first of a two-part series, Ben discusses the power of photography and how his love for the craft enables him to capture timelessness in a frame. He goes on to discuss how the streets and youth of New York City influenced his early work, later shaping his process and practice for commercial work.

  • The Russell Brown Show – White on White Masking

    In this Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorial, Russell Brown show us how to use the masking tools in Photoshop on really complex problems such as masking a polar bear standing in a field of ice and snow.

  • Photoshop With Matt – Cloning With a Preview in CS4

    The Clone Stamp tool got one of the best upgrades in CS4. The Clone Stamp brush now has a preview that let’s you see exactly what you’re about to paint with and exactly where to place the newly cloned area.

  • Creative Suite Podcast: Photographers – Mobile for iPhone

    In this episode, you’ll learn the features of Adobe’s new Mobile for iPhone and iPod touch

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