Happy 10th birthday to InDesign

Hard as it is to believe, Adobe InDesign is celebrating a decade of shaking up the world of design & publishing. Hats off to the team for having the skills, guts, and fortitude to build such a powerful, game-changing application–and on their behalf, thanks to all the customers who’ve made ID a success. Check out the 10th anniversary site to see in interactive timeline, favorite tips from designers, and more.

Oh, and now photographer/designer Ricky Trickartt crafted this great little birthday cake:

Excellent stuff, Ricky; thanks. [Via his Flickr stream]

Update: See also this superfly cake from the Twin Cities InDesign User Group.

4 thoughts on “Happy 10th birthday to InDesign

  1. Well, I have a 10-year anniversary with InDesign (v1.5) coming up this spring and a 20-year anniversary with Photoshop (v1.07) coming up this summer — so hooray for all three of us!
    And many, many, MANY thanks to everybody at Adobe who have worked so hard for so long on creating these software jewels — for the positive impact of PS+ID on my life just cannot be overstated. I may, like everybody, gripe about some details, but fundamentally I love and admire just about everything Adobe creates.

  2. WOW..I can literally plot my design career against that ID timeline.
    I attended one of the first Adobe launch seminars for Indesign (in Sydney) in 1999 whilst at design college. Before that I thought Quark was untouchable….how wrong I was!
    Happy birthday Indesign (and 10 years as a designer for me!)

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