Configurator 2 for CS5 is coming soon

Custom panels made with Configurator 1.0 for Photoshop CS4 need to be updated via the forthcoming Configurator 2.0 before they can run in Photoshop CS5. I’m pleased to say that we’re wrapping up work on the (very cool) new version, but it’s not quite ready to share yet. If you’ve jumped on CS5 and can’t wait to et your custom panel(s) back, drop me a line (jnack at adobe) and I’ll get you squared away.

13 thoughts on “Configurator 2 for CS5 is coming soon

  1. I’m disappointed to read that Creative Suite Extension Builder requires membership to a developer program.
    I used Flex Builder to make some fairly basic panels for Photoshop CS4. Will I have to join this program to modify my panels for CS5?
    I also made a couple of configurator panels, but I probably won’t upgrade to CS5 until a couple of weeks from now.

  2. Chesus Christ!
    Flash Battles!
    PS.COM is your chance!
    I want to work from any workstation like it’s mine!
    Like it says: Photoshop Online!
    We ARE online, so we wanna work ONLINE”
    make it happen very soon!
    creativity means freedom, we pay for tools, you earn sadisfaction as we do!!!!

  3. Ok, I did some research, and I can use the as yet unreleased CSXSLibrary 2.0 with Flex/Flash builder. I guess that will be enough for me.
    Unfortunately, a bug regarding switching documents was not fixed in PS CS5. If you open several Photoshop documents at once, than click to select each document, Photoshop does not trigger an event. Switching to a previously selected document will trigger an event.
    I made a panel that gives additional information about the currently selected image, but it is unreliable because of the bug.

  4. Thomas, I think your caps lock is stuck on and you might need to take a vacation. 🙂
    I am personally very happy working offline, but I believe I read on this blog that Adobe has been working on ways to store workspaces and preferences that could be accessed from online sources. I don’t know what has come of that, but it tied into those panels you dislike. They already have kuhler and other online resources available via panels, and I’m sure there is more coming in the future.

  5. I can’t even think to use anymore CS4 without the “panel”
    My wrist has been grateful since.
    (Yes I don’t use shortcuts)
    Before considering upgrading to CS5, I’ll wait till Configurator 2.0 is released!
    Thank you.

  6. Bit late, I know, still:
    Why would I want to create wasteful internet-traffic if I can work locally?
    And anyway we are encouraged to share our Panels, which pretty much amounts to (a form of) cooperation …
    Thomas, if you prefer not to familiarize yourself with Configurator, may I ask if efficiency is a concern of yours when working with Photoshop.

  7. John, downloaded the Configurator 2…Is there some info on the overall differences from 1.0? Thanks

  8. I started using custom panels to consolidate my daily workflow. I am feeling very lost without them. I have upgraded to CS5 and GREATLY miss my panels and configurator. How soon can we have configurator 2?

  9. Ive created two panels now using configurator, and at the bottom of my panels it has about…20+ pixels of grey on my panel window? that is taking up a lot of screen space, anyone know how i crop off that from these panels? really annoying.

  10. Now if only Layer Blend Modes could be configurated!
    It’s only been an ignored issue for over a decade.
    Users should be able to create their own respective Blend Modes… AND save them into PSD to edit on any other current photoshop version .. AND be able to export the resource to share with others
    The lovely people behind painter prior to the acquisition by the canadian horde had some fantastic layer innovations. Will you be picking up the gauntlet? and the torch?
    configurize that soonest !!!

  11. P.S. allow plug-ins to tinker with these new user layer flavors and new user layer blend modes
    G’MIC plug-in for GIMP allows something close to the latter.. apply adobe elbow grease!

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