The Lightroom 3 Learning Center

On the off chance that you’ve got some free time this week (as I do), check out the Lightroom 3 Learning Center, created by Scott Kelby & the crew at NAPP. You’ll find interesting bits about uploading to Flickr, adding sharp watermarks, and more.

3 thoughts on “The Lightroom 3 Learning Center

  1. Will all due respect, John. There is a thread in Adobe forums regarding “Why is Lightroom3 so slow?”. To date it has more than 19,600 views and 415 replies. Feedbacks from both Mac and Windows users, from those with modestly spec to highly spec hardware, most of us not experiencing the “fast” part as advertised. Replies from Adobe seems to be few and far in between.I hope with your help, the feedbacks will get attention and acted upon. Regards.

  2. Can’t believe that Lightroom isn’t included in the Master Collection. Not really relevant here either, but I’m surprised that SoundBooth is included over the much better Audition. Oh well.

  3. All the new features look great on paper but there appears to be amajor glitch in that LR3 is not able to write to XMP sidecar files on my system. Everything worked fine with LR2.7 bfore I uopgraded to v3. Can anyone at Adobe shed any light on this problem as unfortunately the LR forum hasn’t been able to!

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