IPTC-PLUS Toolkit extends Bridge, guides photographers

The IPTC and the PLUS Coalition have created a free Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS3-CS5 applications. Together with the downloadable user guide, these tools help photographers & agencies store detailed descriptions of their content and data relevant for managing image copyrights.
According to the press release,

The IPTC-PLUS Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS includes easy-to-use IPTC-PLUS Metadata panels for Adobe Bridge CS3 and CS4, plus comprehensive user guidelines for these panels and the File Info panels already built into all CS5 products. The panels for Bridge include the granular metadata fields of the IPTC Photo Metadata and also a set of fields for the communication of image rights metadata, based on industry standard developed by the PLUS Coalition. Creating these panels was a joint effort of both organizations.

I saw Jeff Sedlik from PLUS speak here in LA yesterday, and long story short, if you care even a little about preserving ownership of what you create, take two seconds and add your copyright info. These tools make it easy, and if you’re in doubt about what to do, the guide explains things.
[Update: To clarify, the downloadable panels are usable/needed only in CS3/CS4, as the functionality ships in the box with CS5. The guide is relevant to users of all three versions.]

One thought on “IPTC-PLUS Toolkit extends Bridge, guides photographers

  1. Despite advancements, Bridge still badly needs an overhaul, as it stands, it’s annoying.
    Batch operations should be built-in. I shouldn’t need Photoshop or Fireworks to resize some images, every single other DAM has these operations built in.
    The mini-Bridge idea… well, I’d actually prefer to see more OS integration. I want to see the image thumbnails in Explorer/Finder, PSD, AI, EPS, etc., all of them and be able to perform batch operations on them. Ideally Bridge should extend the OS functionality, not replace them. Most of the time when you want to do something with your files, you start in Explorer or Finder. There is a lot of overlap in what the OS can do vs. what Bridge can do, so naturally I see Bridge more like something that should extend existing functionality.
    Adobe had thumbnails previews in Windows for PSD/AI in CS2 then removed the functionality. There’s still the DNG preview option but it’s incredibly buggy.

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