Details on Adobe's forthcoming Digital Magazine Solution

The folks working on Adobe’s Digital Magazine Solution have posted some additional details on what’s coming:

Late this summer, we’ll post these new publishing technologies on Adobe Labs… Publishers can add interactivity without writing code via InDesign and create monetizable digital magazines for the Apple iPad – with other platforms and devices expected in the future. […]
With layouts in hand, production teams package the assets using the new Digital Content Bundler utility that allows publishers to import vertical and horizontal InDesign CS5 layouts, add metadata, (article title & description, issue number, etc.) and export them into a new “.issue” format. […]
Previously we announced the Digital Content Viewer for Apple iPad; in the future we also expect to develop the Digital Content Viewer on Adobe AIR for desktops and other devices.

Check out the whole post for more info & additional links.

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  1. I would like to create content for the iPad using CS5 but some of my clients work is confidential so can I import directly to my clients iPad/s or will I need to go through the apple iPad store?

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