New Animoto Lightroom plug-in ships

In case you don’t know them, online service Animoto “automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music.”  Now they’ve released their free Lightroom Plug-in:

This plug-in allows Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® users to preload Animoto video projects on directly from Lightroom. Just select the photos you want to use and press Export — that’s it!

The plug-in automatically resizes your images before exporting them to an Animoto project, so you get the best quality videos and a fast upload time.

Solid. [Via]

5 thoughts on “New Animoto Lightroom plug-in ships

    [I believe the videos are H.264 format, meaning that Flash Player can play them, just as QuickTime & numerous other technologies can. The Flash Player team moved to support standards so that video wouldn’t get stuck to one particular player. (I know, I know: Flash is the devil, so that mustn’t be true… and yet here we are.) –J.]

  2. actually i love flash (by Adobe)
    i went to the site and checked out the companies sample content and noticed that on there site it came up using flash player embedded i guess you call it.
    i hope that clarifies my comment some.
    not intended to fill this thread with the whole flash and god and the devil talk.
    i assumed that they also hosted the movies also, but perhaps not.
    anyhow . they do a good job for that kind of thing, i assume since they insert the tittles, that there is actually a person involved in the creative aspect of building the movies
    i did not research enough, to find out what kind of final output you can receive when using their service.

  3. Looks like it only outputs DVD quality (and only if you have a paid account). Wish you could do a bit more with it (HD quality output, etc.)

  4. By default, the video renders at ~480.
    However, you can go back and select the high-res option which will give you 720p.
    Doing so will also create an ISO file for you to download and burn using Disk Utility or any other disc burning app.
    @SBG – Animoto murders iPhoto/iMovie slideshows. All downloads are .mp4 and are white label. They only use flash for display on their website. I download and host my own videos.

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