What's your favorite photo-capture app?

I’m pleased to say that I’ve just taken on product management responsibilities for Photoshop Express, Adobe’s photo capture, editing, and sharing app that’s been downloaded some 13 million times for iOS and Android devices. We’re excited about the interesting directions we can go with Express, and I look forward to sharing more details soon.
In the meantime, I thought I’d ask: What app(s) do you use for capturing images with your mobile devices? What’s missing, and what could be improved? (I’ll leave the question open-ended to avoid leading the witnesses.)

16 thoughts on “What's your favorite photo-capture app?

  1. Gorillacam for the touch-anywhere shutter (useful for self-portraits); CameraBag for the no-brainer Holga/Lomo effects; Pano for panoramic stitching.
    Does the hardware allow for highlight recovery? Is there such a thing as RAW capture from the camera sensor? HDR on 3GS?

    1. I second Gorillacam…bursts, level, grid, touch anywhere, buffered processing. Also saw mentioned tethering for Canon shooting. Would be nice. Congrats, John. – EJB

  2. Congratulations on the new role. I use the native iPhone app. Although I’ve tried using other apps for capture, I’ve never really found anything compelling about them. The Apple Camera app is convenient and I typically don’t perform any adjustments right away. I just use those other apps to do adjustments later when it’s convenient for me and I’m ready to upload a shot.

  3. What i miss ist a iPad-App for tethered shooting with a canon. i would like to see the image on the large display and have a device that lasts a day without recharge.
    there is an app for that [tm][;)], but it requires an additional laptop.

  4. I use the native iPhone app if I’m looking for clarity in a shot. I use the Hipstamatic for about 90% of my photos. I use PS Express to fix either of the shots (exposure, etc.)

  5. First off, I pretty do the same thing Enrique does as far as which apps for their respective uses.
    I generally use the iphone camera app, then bring it into something else (lately I’ve been messing around with Instagram, I like how it’s pretty much a twitter feed of just images). I use PSE for saturation/brightness changes, but don’t even use the presets anymore.
    Some things I’ve been wishing for: more control over native HDR. Being able to retain geo-tagging of images after I run it through post process effects.
    ps – congrats on the new role!

  6. Hipstamatic, it emulates a load of old lomo cameras. The genius of it is theres around 10 different sets of lens, films, and flashes. When you shake the phone before taking a picture it picks a random one of each giving hundreds of effects combinations.
    Today I got Instagram which seems pretty good too, just not random enough for me.

  7. Just using the native iOS camera app.
    Some kind of White Ballance correction for the shots from iOS camera would be great. My friends are not purple.
    I miss an exposure compensation setting when shooting.

  8. One of the most versatile is Iris. Beside a good range of special effects and excellent image controls, it also has the ability to blend photos together using blending modes available for Photoshop layers, such as Multiply, Linear, Pin Light, etc. Cinema FX, Toon Paint, AutoStitch, ProHDR and the ever popular Hipstamatic are also on my iPhone 3GS.
    At my studio gallery I’m hosting a show of mobile phone photo app pictures in November. Lots of great submissions so far!

  9. Exposure change on camera.
    White balance or temp slider.
    Delay shutter on camera.
    Dark edge vignettes round or straight.

  10. Mostly use the native Touch4 app (as well as the iPhone3 app).
    I’d love a drop-dead-simple way to have the iApps transmit directly to Lightroom (heck, why not a LR Lite, at least Develop, on the iDevice itself?).

  11. I use the native camera app but own a few others. Like other have mentioned, it’s fast and simple to use. What I’d like to see is an app that better integrated with LR and AppleTV. An ipad app that I could place a catalog on and let my customer flip through the photos and pic their fav’s would be ideal. If they could also swipe them in the iPad and make them appear on the Apple TV screen would be awesome.

  12. Hipstamatic – I love the extreme contrast in the shots as well as the grunge borders. Other retro style photo apps try too hard and destroy the photo with fake scratches, tears and grunge. The hipstamatic takes a clean, contrasty shot, adds a fun border. The border is an important element for me. I would use my PS Express more if it had more options. Right now I only use it to adjust brightness and contrast and to crop a photo.
    I also love my incredibooth for fun self portraits with friends.

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