Photoshop: One million Facebook fans & growing

Put your finger to the corner of your mouth: The Photoshop Facebook page has passed one miiiillion fans.  (You hear the footsteps, Bieber? We’re coming for you, haircut.)  Adobe director Maria Yap talks about how the page has quadrupled in popularity since last summer, adding:

We hope you’ll join us throughout the week for some fun and giveaways as we celebrate YOU. Today, leave a comment below answering the question, “If we could make one improvement to Photoshop specifically for YOU, what would it be?” We’ll pick 5 random people from the comments to receive a free copy of both Photoshop and Lightroom as a thank you for your dedication. [Note: Please submit the comments via the FB page, not via this post.]

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm, support, and passionate feedback!

10 thoughts on “Photoshop: One million Facebook fans & growing

  1. I would like to be able to use the latest version of ACR (6.x) with CS4. This would allow me to continue my workflow and take advantage of the new features while I budget for an upgrade to CS5.

  2. I’d like a shortcut for Darker Color and Lighter Color layer modes. OR make Layer mode shortcuts editable! (Sorry if there already is one — but I can’t find it.)

  3. > The Photoshop Facebook page has passed one miiiillion fans
    Facebook fans. Yeah. You liked disco, didn’t you? You were _shocked_ and saddened when Disco Demolition happened, weren’t you? Social media. How do you like/How do you like it/More, more, more!

  4. The one improvement I’d like to see made to Photoshop is the addition of social networking features directly into the application to enable me to ask for help and advice to improve my images

  5. Sorry, Adobe, can’t hear you. We don’t Facebook nor Twitter anymore. Make the rules for upgrading straight forward. The last upgrade had lots of column A to column B pricing unknowns unless you called support and waited. Try upgrading from 32 bit to 64. Try doing a lens correction with a stock lens.

  6. Companies who use Facebook and Twit to communicate are…
    trying to think of a nicer word than stupid, but can’t think of one that fits so well.
    Many people don’t like Facebook and the resulting junk; it is not available in many (some) areas, etc. I for example can’t see any of the videos here.
    And I of course have a brilliant suggestion 🙂 that I can’t submit.

  7. Pick from the 3:
    1) A “reset character” command that does NOT change the selected font, only the modification still in the panel.
    2) Cursors we can see! Edgelines are too fine to see on large high rez displays especially in 50% gray areas.
    3) Interface componets like the toolbar supplied in diffferent resolutions so clicking on the tool you need is easier to see.

  8. Not even a chance to win (then sell) all that loot is gonna get me to sign up for that there *evil*.
    Love you, though, John. This blog is a fave.

  9. Why do we need to go to Facebook, when there is a goldmine of feedbacks in Adobe Forum alone. Real world feedbacks from registered users. With all due respect, these seems more “marketing” than real listening to customers.

  10. I think that the forums and social media outlets all have their uses – they probably serve very different audiences, and no single outlet would reach nearly as many users.

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