New Adobe TV videos for photographers

As always, good tutorials are making their way onto Adobe TV. Some recent examples:

• Photoshop Basics Series: Creating an image reflection

Presenter Dennis Radeke says, “Many times, I’ve seen great work that was somewhat spoiled by the fact that it employed a reflection as part of the design. Creating a reflection on any image is a fairly easy thing to do and in this episode we’ll look at some techniques to make a convincing and realistic reflection within Adobe Photoshop.”

• Sync Your Photos from Lightroom 3 to Your iDevices

In this episode I’ll show you how to set up the Hard Drive Publish Service to allow you to continue to manage your photos in Lightroom, but also sync them to your iDevices via iTunes without using iPhoto.

• Photographers – Mini Bridge

Every now and then it’s much easier to show someone than to try to explain it to them. After a few emails from Beau about how to use Mini Bridge? I just decided to make it the topic of this week’s Creative Suite Podcast.

Adobe Lightroom 3: Needle in a Haystack

When you need to find a specific image among a huge number of images, filtering can provide an excellent solution. This jump-start will provide you with a sense of the power of filtering to find an image within Lightroom.

Photoshop User TV – Episode 206

The countdown to the new set is winding down. In the meantime, check out this interview with Adobe’s Julieanne Kost.


4 thoughts on “New Adobe TV videos for photographers

  1. Ehm, don’t know what language the web-designers are talking but i suggested more than a dozen time to shut off AUTOPLAY on Adobe TV!
    The new age of browsing is called Tabbed-Browsing, no fun if 5 videos start to play all at the same time!
    This is driving me nuts!
    Why other much smaller websites can implement the function so that media content only starts playing if tab/page is in focus.

  2. I still can’t load any Adobe TV videos. They always crash my browser (firefox and safari). Funny though, the ads for HP and Intel that we’re forced to sit through before the video starts will play just fine! As soon as the actual content starts loading though, spinning beachball and that’s all folks.
    Maybe make your video the same format as those ads and everything will work fine.

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