Creative Suite 5.5 has no impact on the Camera Raw plug-in

I’ve seen a bit of misinformed concern that the arrival of Creative Suite 5.5 applications means that in order to keep getting Camera Raw updates, one must upgrade Photoshop (of which there’s no 5.5 version) and/or obtain a subscription. That’s not the case: Camera Raw 6 will support Photoshop CS5 for the entire cycle. Now you have more options, not fewer.

6 thoughts on “Creative Suite 5.5 has no impact on the Camera Raw plug-in

  1. Perhaps some readers or you can suggest what kind of specs I should look at to run photoshop CS5 extended and have nice performance and not chug and hang.
    My budget is about $1,500 or less, I have a hard time what I need to to have CS5 xtended to do the job with ease????
    I can go either Mac or PC laptop. It seems I get better bang for buck in the win area.
    Any help you or your readers can assist I would appreciate.
    And please any Mac cults, be nice to me
    Ken in KY

    1. Hi Ken–are you interested in building your own machine, or buying one outright? I found that building, while initially seeming rather scary, has provided me with a stunningly capable computer and did not turn out to be altogether too tough to assemble.
      Either way, check out Newegg. Great place for buying computer parts, kits for building your own, and even fully assembled machines. They are, of course, Windows…but for $1500, you can get a very nice Win machine or…a lightweight, trendy Apple laptop? I’d go with the bang for the buck instead.
      There’s 2 computers at NewEgg that would handle CS5 rather nicely. If you build your own, you can very handily upgrade your RAM any time you like, too; I’d not go below 4 GB at this point. I also have found that sticking with Nvidia graphics cards has had a *masssssssssssive* benefit. Adobe is using OpenGL 2 now, and also an Nvidia exclusive technology called CUDA. The result of these 2 enhancements is that my rendering times have been sliced in half, sometimes more.

    Oh dear, looks like John Nack can’t troll anymore about FCP not being 64bit Cocoa application.
    [Looks like we still ran circles around Apple in moving apps to 64-bit. The new FCP looks great, but it doesn’t change the fact that Adobe beat Apple to market by *more than a year* with 64-bit versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop–just like Lightroom handily beat Aperture to 64-bitness. If it were the other way around, we’d never hear the end of it from you. Ah, but it’s always Adobe “dragging its feet,” or whatever other shit anonymous cowards like you want to talk. –J.]

    1. Yeah…I totally hate when John Nack trolls John Nack’s blog with all that stuff about Adobe.
      Side note–nice to see that FCP will have 64-bit support in June. Hopefully, all of the Appleites will be able to go back to doing editing work now, and will not have to troll the Adobe blogs.

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