New Image Processor Pro Script for CS5

If you batch-process images in Photoshop, particularly via the Image Processor command or Russell Brown’s 1-2-3 Process, you’ll want to check out what Russell has been up to.  He’s looking for beta testers and writes,

Just like the earlier versions, this script (download, see demo video) will batch process hundreds of images into any file type, or format, that you need.

It’s the ultimate time saver and will eliminate the need for multiple exports from other Adobe applications.

Here are some of the new features:

  1. Improved interface.
  2. Support for any number of  conversions during a processing run.
  3. Batch renaming.
  4. Expanded support for almost all file formats known to man.


13 thoughts on “New Image Processor Pro Script for CS5

  1. The ability to toggle “save in sub-folder” and “Save for Web” options were all I needed to see. I already just rename in Bridge, but that’s a great option to have bundled in here too. What a great update to a great tool.
    (Somehow, I never even knew what Image Processor was all about until 2009 or so; now it’s invaluable)

  2. Do I need a pilot’s license to fly this thing? 😉
    Seriously though, a nice update to this useful script. I’ll kick the tires as soon as I have a chance.

  3. How did I miss this?!! This is a great update to a tool that I frequently use. Thanks for posting this info John – and thanks to Russell Brown and company for continuing to work on this great script!

  4. This is a great update. It sure is a powerful update over the regular Image Processor.
    Downside is that the interface is more confusing for beginners. I would recommend it defaulting to only one set (this for me is more common usage, and looks less cluttered when you first open the script).
    One tiny thing I noticed; it is just called “Image Processor Pro” in the menu; when I’m sure it should have “…” at the end (to signal that it will open a window and not run immediately).

  5. Hey
    great update
    but im still having a problem with it.
    Trying to crop like 200 photos eg i scan lots of photos and they all got white around them.
    I created a action of the crop and straighten .
    and with the image processor it goes through all the photos but comes up with a error. saying cant process files. Any one got a idea how to fix this?

  6. Hi guys,
    great tool, thanks a lot, a real time saver. Broblem is though, that it can’t seem to create transparent PNGs – there is no transparency option… or am I missing something? Would be great to know ASAP as I have a project I need to get out over the next few days that involves resizing hundreds of images to multiple sizes…
    Cheers guys and gals

  7. Great Script 🙂
    Is there any way to save PNG, but with transparency on. I can only use .gif with transparency, and I need png’s.

  8. I struggled with trying to batch process (resize) a bunch of PNGs while preserving transparency (on a Mac). Image Processor Pro eliminates the transparency when doing this, but… I SOLVED THE PROBLEM with help from a colleague. You just have to make one change in the script. Takes about a minute. The culprit is a line in the script that says:
    saveOpts._flatten = true;
    Flattening the image eliminates the transparency. So all you have to do is comment out that line, i.e.:
    // saveOpts._flatten = true;
    1) search your Mac for a file called “Image Processor Pro.jsx” and open it.
    2) Adobe’s ExtendScript Toolkit will open the file and ask if you want to run the script. Say “No” and the script will open in an editor.
    3) Command-F to find the FIRST OCCURRENCE of:
    case “png”:
    You should see:
    case “png”: {
    saveOpts.interlaced = toBoolean(fsOpts.pngInterlaced);
    saveOpts._flatten = true;
    saveOpts._saveForWeb = toBoolean(fsOpts.saveForWeb);
    4) Just comment out the line that flattens the PNG like this:
    case “png”: {
    saveOpts.interlaced = toBoolean(fsOpts.pngInterlaced);
    // saveOpts._flatten = true;
    saveOpts._saveForWeb = toBoolean(fsOpts.saveForWeb);
    5) Save the script and quit ExtendScript Toolkit. You’re done! Run the modified script from Photoshop (or other Adobe product).
    If you ever WANT to flatten, you can turn it back on.

  9. Thanks a lot for sharing~~ this helps me a lot.
    Also want to thank @Corey Vian , you are cool.

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