VectorScribe adds powerful tools to Illustrator

The “Vector Paparazzi” app I blogged on Sunday drew an extremely strong response, and now it’s arrived for real: VectorScribe is available in two flavors, Designer (£39+VAT (roughly $65/€45)) which features path manipulation & measurement tools, and Studio (£69+VAT ($119/€79)) which adds smart shapes & dynamic corners. Here’s a slightly updated version of the earlier video:

The site features a large number of training videos, and VectorTuts has posted a detailed tutorial on creating a vector motorcycle using the VectorScribe tools.

I’ve only just started playing with the tools, but I think that the dynamic corners features alone will be a godsend. If you give it a try, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “VectorScribe adds powerful tools to Illustrator

  1. How exciting! It’s very cool to see some technical influence from software like SolidWorks and AutoCad. I’ve used all three pieces of software extensively, and can’t express how awesome it is to see some dynamic added here.

  2. John,I’m using Vectorscribe Studio with Illustrator cs6 and I’m blown away, Illustrator has no competition to speak of in my opinion add to this Vectorscribe Studio, Dynamic corners as you say are a godsend,well worth the money.

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