2 thoughts on “Adventures with mini cams

  1. Here’s another POV video made during a multi-media installation I did at ICON Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa.
    The POV section starts around 1:20. The two cube speakers visible at the end of the 150-foot track were connected to a pair of mics, one inside each end of the track tube. Visitors sat in a comfy chair between the speakers and heard a quasi-binaural slow pan from one end of the (inside of the) track to the other in realtime. Behind the speakers was a 10-foot projection in a darkened room where the POV segment played, its audio (not the tube mics) coming through a large, full-range system. The sound in the projection room was dramatic, and significantly enhanced the roller-coaster experience of being 3″ tall and sitting on the monorail car.

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