News for Suite developers

You can control Photoshop using Flash, Flex, and AIR, much like the various Photoshop Touch apps do. Check out developer Daniel Koestler’s detailed write-up for more info.

On a related note, a CS Extension Builder Trial version will be available soon, and you can sign up for notification via the team blog.  Extension Builder is essentially a custom version of Flash Builder that makes it easy to extend Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other apps.


2 thoughts on “News for Suite developers

  1. Will the full version of Extention Builder be any easier to acquire?
    I struggled through making a couple of panels with the Flex SDK, and it looks like Extension Builder could made the process a bit easier.

    1. David,
      Let me just clarify that the trial version is a fully functional version of CS Extension Builder 1.5 (our latest version). To address your question, obtaining CS Extension Builder will be significantly easier once the trial expires. Stay tuned 🙂
      gabriel tavridis
      product manager, CS Extension Builder

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