Video: Camera Fill in Photoshop Touch

In building Photoshop Touch we didn’t want to just rehash Photoshop’s feature set; rather, we wanted to take unique advantage of what tablets can do. Photoshop Touch can feed a live stream from your camera into your layer stack (think “PSD layer from camera”):

This brief demo doesn’t show it, but the camera feed will respect the blending mode & opacity of the target layer, and it’ll be clipped to whatever selection is active (for example, select someone’s face using a soft-edged elliptical marquee, then live-fill it with what the camera sees).

One thought on “Video: Camera Fill in Photoshop Touch

  1. Morning John from Kentucky.
    You have a rough guess when these new apps will launch?
    I like what I see, and being an Adobe Hog, will of course buy.
    Down at the corner country market, the locals ask me,”Ken why do you buy these Adobe Programs?”, ” I do not know, I just got to get it!”.
    I sort of like this new Adobe publish thing, for IPad2 (which I had to have). So, Does that mean I can put a “whatever” book, mag. on my Ipad2 with Indesign 5.5 and this new Adobe thing to make this happen? Lost in KY
    My best
    Ken in Kentucky

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