Download b3 of Adobe's HTML5 animation tool, Edge

Features introduced in Edge Preview 3:

Preview 3 introduces interactivity capabilities for Edge, the most requested functionality thus far. The first set of interactivity features include looping, hyperlinks, access to the Edge animation framework API, and the ability to handle HTML DOM events – all within Edge.

Actions — The core of Edge’s interactivity capabilities, Actions are functions that can be added to handle a single event.

  • The Actions Editor uses a popup interface that lets you enter JavaScript code for a function.
  • A built-in code snippet library is available for commonly used functions like go to, stop, hyperlink, etc.
  • Add your own JavaScript code to add new flexibility to your compositions.
  • Where actions can be attached:
    • Elements to handle click events
    • Stage to access composition-level events such as “loaded”
    • Timeline to access playback events such as “complete”
    • Triggers to allow time-based actions to be applied in the timeline
    • Objects other than triggers allow you to select multiple events you wish to handle, each with its own action.

Labels — Insert labels on the timeline as reference points in your code, to enable functionality like playing or seeking to that point in the timeline.

See Adobe Labs for a list of additional enhancements, and to give your feedback as the app progresses.

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