Adobe Reader comes to iOS and Android

Why not just use the OS default reader for PDFs? Security, for one:

Key among the new features in Adobe Reader 10.1 for Mobile is support for accessing files secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management…

Whether you’re working in private industry and reviewing confidential information like price lists on your Android tablet, or you’re a government employee and are viewing sensitive information via your mobile phone, Adobe Reader 10.1 for mobile and LiveCycle Rights Management allow you to securely access these documents.

Adobe Reader is a free download via the Apple App Store and Android Market. [Via]

4 thoughts on “Adobe Reader comes to iOS and Android

  1. They’re Adobe’s open standard.
    [Actually PDF is an ISO standard. I’m not entirely sure how that relates to additional capabilities that vendors like Adobe may add, such as Live Cycle authentication. –J.]
    I just hope this Reader is more secure than the Windows/ Mac versions which have notably poor security.

  2. That’s a bit misleading. DRM’d PDFs are not “more” secure, nor are they “less” secure. They have restrictions in place with regard to what you’re able to do with them.
    That’s not security though, that’s access/rights management. Kind of double-speakish.
    [Well, that’s certainly not my intention. I think that my intellectual property is indeed more secure inside a container whose opening/closing can be controlled (and disallowed) than when it’s just floating around. –J.]

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