6 thoughts on “Hidden Gem: Editing Video in Photoshop CS5 Extended

  1. Is there any chance you could make your blog wider, so that we can see the videos in-situ at a larger size?

  2. No need to do that. I just changed it to 1080p then clicked Full screen (right-most icon) in the YouTube panel.

    1. Use Ctrl++ (or Ctrl+Mousewheel) to Zoom the website in your browser. Should work with both Flash or HTML-Players.

      1. That’s just blowing up the pixels though.
        An equally valid solution would be to say “bring your face closer to the computer screen”.

    2. Hey Brett, that popup panel on the left side of the video works for HTML5, too. Just select 1080 and then click fullscreen. Problem is it will make it fullscreen regardless of what the actual resolution of the clip is, so it might look good and it might not. Alternatively, you can right-click and download the vide. Then you can watch it at it’s actual size and all is good.

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