Sneak peek #2

Background save, anyone? How about massively faster Liquify?

Both of these features have been in the team’s sights for a long time, but they kept getting derailed by things like the Carbon-to-Cocoa conversion effort. Nice to have that behind us.

19 thoughts on “ Sneak peek #2

  1. what about faster surface blur?
    even on my i7 2600k @4500MHz surface blur is a snail.
    faster liquify is a good start.
    optimize for multi core.. multi CPU systems.

    1. In my experience people get too hung up on asking for a specific technology (CUDA, Cocoa, etc.) when it would be better to focus on the higher level problem/goal & then let the team figure out the best implementation approach. Many approaches have subtle drawbacks.

  2. Given the dramatically increased market for “apps” and the user interfaces that go along with them, I would hope to see Fireworks style attention to UI design features. Support for things like symbols, shared libraries of both bitmap and vector symbols, 9 slice scaling, better pixel snapping for vector shape layers, etc. I’d much rather see this stuff integrated into Adobe’s flagship application rather than scattered throughout several other apps that Adobe has made wishy-washy commitments to.

    1. I don’t mind them adding features to Ai, but the thing at the top of my wish list is a file that can be opened with Ai and PS. Just have some PS layers sitting there next to some Ai layers in the same file. You could call it the .pi file type.
      That or the reverse of smart objects would fix the problem (it’s nice that they let you have an .ai inside a .psd, but there’s no way to get a .psd inside an .ai to my knowledge).

      1. You can place a layered PSD in AI, keeping the layers editable in PS. It works just like a Smart Object. Alternately, you can *open* the PSD in AI, converting the layers into AI layers, but then you won’t be able to go back to PS.

      2. What about consistent tool behaviour across CS apps?! It’s ridiculous that text edit, or bezier controls behave differently in Illustrator and Photoshop. Even more interesting: Photoshop’s got a much intuitive vectot free distort tool than Illustrator. Please give the teams some kind of colletctive team building! 🙂

  3. You have definitely been battered by Apple transitions in the past decade (9 to X, PPC to Intel, Carbon to Cocoa), and it looks like that is finally behind you. It will be interesting to see what Adobe can do in the next cycle without platform shifts.

    1. So your theory is that Apple is done with the transitions? (When you stand still it’s easier to get tackled. I bet Apple has some surprises coming.)

      1. The transitions happened only because they had to. They can now totally focus on OSes and a single set of developer tools (and a single compiler). You could argue that ARM represents another transition, but it’s really just an extension.

  4. Looking forward to seeing more, great stuff:)
    Have to say, have liked all the icons for past versions, the new icon for Photoshop is really disappointing.
    Given that icon design is at its peak with apps. You only have to spend 5 mins on Dribble looking at icons/ type to see a parade of eye candy.
    Could of done something a lot more exciting with the branding, risky even.. maybe its just me lol

  5. Do not blame Apple for trying to bring us into the 21st century with their OS. The transitions/conversions are actually the fault of backward thinking companies such as Adobe, Microsoft etc. who prefer to hold to what they have out of convenience than truly rewrite things to take advantage of newer technologies (some of which Apple provides free). The market has already gone the way of multicores years ago, yet Photoshop has not been written to take advantage of this reality. Start making some sIgnificant under-the-hood changes and I believe your customers will very much appreciate that.
    New features are great & necessary and the Photoshop team have provided some extremely useful ones over the years but it is time to overhaul the insides a little to provide some speed/performance improvements

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