Video: Base jumping in Singapore

“What could make the view from the infinity pool atop the Marina Bay Sands casino, soaring some 55 stories above Singapore, even more surreal?,” asks Core77. “Human bodies jumping off of the roof behind you.”

8 thoughts on “Video: Base jumping in Singapore

  1. some of them are LR 4 customers who just noticed they have to buy CS6 to get full ACR support between LR 4 and photoshop.

      1. oh… and before some say that is just because ACR 6.7 is an RC version.
        no… it will be the same for the ACR 6.7 final.
        i know… because i was screwed before by adobe.

  2. ACR 6.7 will render the files when you export from LR4 and you will have no RAW control over them in CS5.
    it´s just that adobe knows they can force people to buy PS CS6 when they don´t make it available for LR4 user who own CS5 already.
    they sotp support for an actual product!
    and that SUX!!!

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