Photoshop CS6 beta: 500,000+ downloads & counting

I’m delighted to see that the Photoshop CS6 beta has been downloaded more than half a million times in less than a week!  The response I’ve seen so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Nice press quotes:

  • Gizmodo: “Photoshop CS6: The Best Update In Recent Memory
  • PC Magazine:
    • “The future of creative image editing is upon us.
    • “You would think that after a program has been the leader in its field for over 20 years, there wouldn’t be much to add. But quite the opposite is the case with Adobe Photoshop CS6.
    • “The new version will thrill nearly all categories of users, from photographers to designers.
    • “All of this adds up to a superb upgrade that should make anyone serious about image editing salivate over Photoshop CS6.”
  • Wired: “Content-aware brushes, Liquify filter and new Blur tool will amaze. In-app search is a huge time-saver for sifting through giant stacks of layers.”
  • USA Today: “We’ve been testing CS6 for the last week, and having lots of fun with the new tools. The new interface is a huge improvement — the images really do look sharper and more pronounced.”

And from some designers I follow on Twitter:

  • “I’ll use it for a few days so I can give a better assessment, but so far: ball out of the park.” — Neven Mrgan
  • “I’ve been using PS CS6 for a while, and it’s been sweet… The truth is that CS6 has a bunch of changes that make my life a lot better but may piss off some users. Which is great. Adobe did well.” — Sebastiaan de With
  • “I think the community at large agrees: PS6 is an incredible update.” — Cameron Moll

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

13 thoughts on “Photoshop CS6 beta: 500,000+ downloads & counting

  1. Hi John
    I downloaded PS6 to try. Unfortunately, My Imac has a graphics card(my I mac is almost 6 years old) that won’t allow me to try The Pixel Art and Certain aspects of the 3d Typography, I tried the Blur additions( Bokeh, etc. and the content aware move, worked great.) Apparently because of the graphics card that I have on my Imac I cannot enable the “open GL Drawing” Apparently I don’t have the right type of Video card.
    Ted Azriel
    [I hear you, Ted. It’s a drag, but graphics card technology has been moving so fast (much faster than CPU tech), there’s a world of difference between current models and what you could get six years ago. It’s hard to build for the future & the past (even the fairly recent past) at the same time. –J.]

  2. Gratulations, but do you have numbers how many times it were installed? Unfortuneatly I can’t get it running properly both unter Windows 7 and Windows XP… And when will you support Linux? I’m still waiting 🙁

  3. the improvement in 3D are to die for… any creative person who has wished for this in the past will be know that PS is on the track to something great and combine this with video—WOW!

  4. I wonder if you can make the top menu bar dark gray to match the new Photoshop interface in stead of a bright white bar at the top.

  5. “The new interface is a huge improvement — the images really do look sharper and more pronounced.””
    well what do i have to think of a review that has such nonsense in it?
    the images look sharper because of the dark UI.. yeah sure.
    i mean come on most of the “testes” have no clue at all i guess.

  6. still no 16 bit support for so many filters.
    not to mention 32 bit support for most filters.
    [Which features that are *actually photographically relevant* do you want to have work in 16-bit mode? What, you’re pining for Plastic Wrap? 😉 –J.]
    well adobe seem to think we are all shooting 8bit jpg… they must have heard of RAW i thought?
    but yeah… give us video… because anyone serious about video uses PS for thats when apps for 99$ can do much more and better.
    [Yes, serious video users are famous for using $.99 apps for their work. –J.]

  7. John,
    Just came here to say that I absolutely love the beta. – so many incredible improvements, especially with the new vector features.
    But there’s one change that has been incredibly annoying so far: The thin path outline that appears around shape layers by default makes it very difficult to see layer styles while they are being applied. In previous versions, one could avoid seeing the “path outline” by selecting the layer as opposed to the layer thumbnail. For shape layers in CS6, the layer and layer thumbnail are one in the same, so the path outline shows up by default.
    [Does hitting Shift-Cmd-H/Shift-Ctrl-H to toggle off the visibility of the path do the trick for you? I haven’t tested it a ton, but it seems that if you toggle visibility off, it stays off until you specifically select another path. Does that get you what you want? –J.]
    I realize I can get rid of the path outline by deselecting the path (hitting “enter” or “escape”) but that ONLY works with vector tools. With all other tools, “enter” and “escape” serve different functions, so to deselect the path, I actually have to open up the path panel and click in the empty space.
    So unless I specifically remember to deselect the path before I apply a layer style, applying layer styles to shapes is now difficult with the distracting path outline.
    Seems like a little thing, but it really seems to slow down work, and I really hope it’s changed for the final release.
    With that said, AWESOME job on CS6. Thanks for all you hard work.
    – John D.

  8. Dear John!
    Photoshop CS6 is awesome. But unfortunately it still has a problem introduced in CS4: keyboard shortcuts get completely messed up with non-system keyboard layouts. See the discussion:
    ’m the author of one of the most popular non-standard cyrillic keyboard layouts. My layout is in use by thousands of designers and authors in Russia, and those who use Mac constantly write me letters asking about this issue.
    Can you help? I’d be happy if you wrote me back.
    Thank you.

  9. John, the new CS6 is without doubt worth more than the price you are getting. AS hard as it is to say I am struggling to pay bills. This release will pay for itself. You guys are fantastic. The 3D is finally manageable and useful in a practical business sense.

  10. I find Ps CS6 to be irresistable. The whole app seems quicker and more agile. I do prefer the darker UI settings. The UI feels more helpful and discoverable (a chronic problem in Ps that’s been improving steadily since 7.0). Layer management is a huge improvement for me, since I end up with complex layers a lot. The bokeh and tilt-shift focus tools are extremely useful (far beyond the over-done “fake miniature” effect). Several friends who always resist upgrading as long as possible (and who were sure they would skip CS6) are now committed to upgrading. The whole app just feels more polished and complete. I realize that’s a vague reason for upgrading, but after using the public beta for a few days, I really don’t enjoy going back to CS5.5. Congratulations!

  11. John
    Sorry to ask, but could you nudge someone who looks after the Adobe websites, and specifically the Online Store.
    CS6 upgrade in US $199 in UK £190.
    LR4 upgrade in US $79 in UK £59
    Bit of a weird exchange rate on CS6 – should be around £148/149…
    Sorry & thanks,

  12. I like CS6 a lot too, just noticed a couple of problems:
    When I switch to another application using Command-Tab, the image window in PS stays up in front of the new app. I have to go around it and physically click the new app to see it. Is this a feature? The other thing is the “properties” palette pops out whenever I’m through using an adjustment layer, and just sits there, empty, in front of the image window, forcing me to close it every time. Just sayin… I keep looking for some way to tell this to Adobe, but they don’t seem to really “value my feedback” enough to tell me where they want beta comments.

  13. I just hate the new shape thumbnail thing with outline. I was sticking to CS3, but I had to move on because of x64. Some of the things I do hate, some of the things I love. But all that aside, the thing with outline, awful.

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