Adobe Shadow demo/Q&A this Friday

Noon Pacific:

Come learn about Adobe Shadow, a new preview and inspection tool for web designers and developers who care about how their sites look on devices. See a demo of Shadow in action, and take the opportunity to ask questions of the Shadow team, and hear where the team is headed with future versions of Shadow. Join Archna Panwar, who focuses on Shadow’s testing strategy, for this guide through the present and exciting future of Adobe Shadow.

In case you haven’t yet seen Shadow, check out this very brief demo:

4 thoughts on “Adobe Shadow demo/Q&A this Friday

  1. This program is sick! I can’t wait to try it out! Extreeeeme time saver and knowledge tool. I really like the fact that you can see the DOM of each device in real-time. That will help tremendously in fixing bugs.

  2. Actually, Adobe Shadow is terribly disappointing. While it was easy to setup and try, it really is only useful for one-off content pages. Where it falls down is that it cannot maintain session or state data between page loads. So say goodbye to testing anything with AJAX or any flow between pages like a shopping cart or site where the user’s session and context matters.
    I’ll try Adobe Shadow again, once it supports sessions and more than just viewing an individual web page – at present it is USELESS for web applications.

  3. I have never been able to view the videos on your site, blocked in China or slow loading or?
    BUT today at least 2 are starting similtaneously in voice only with no indications which ones they are (the image window shows all of the videos as non running) and no way to stop them and watch one at a time.
    If I were patient, whatever that is, I would come back after they stop and try again
    but… 🙂

  4. Hi John,
    My new utility called CrossBro has just extended the capabilities of Adobe Shadow by being able to edit PHP files as well enabeling true cross browser development on a multitude of devices etc. with automatic browser refreshing as you edit and your code.
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    Instantly see how your development code looks on a PC in Chrome, Firefox and IE (others can be included) and with the aid of Adobe Shadow see how your code looks on Mobile/tablet devices in realtime as you work.
    Please take the time to review the utility and I ‘m sure you will see its amazing capabilities of this true browser refreshing tool.
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