Configurator 3.0 demo tomorrow

If you think Adobe apps are too complex, and if you have any motivation to do something about it, Adobe Configurator might be up your alley.  It’s a “box of Legos” tool that lets you remix the UI of Photoshop and InDesign, creating & sharing your own panels without having to code.  The team will be doing a concise demo & Q&A tomorrow at 2pm GMT (7am Pacific–yes, it’ll be recorded & posted for later viewing) Here’s the recording.

  • What is Configurator and how you can use it?
  • What’s new in Configurator 3? From the key new features to the small but useful new features.
  • What is the new Adobe Exchange and how you can use it?
  • Question and Answer session with the product team; Duration: 45 minutes

3 thoughts on “Configurator 3.0 demo tomorrow

  1. Can you pass to the Configurator Team that they started at 6:00 AM Pacific and not 7AM as in their emails.

  2. William, sorry about the time confusion, the time on John post was incorrect by an hour so we ensured the presentation went over an hour and posted the recording the same day. If you are interested you can request access to the new Adobe Exchange prerelease program and access prerelease builds of Configurator 3 by completing this short form:
    Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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