Creating the Iron Man HUD for The Avengers

The VFX team at Cantina Creative sat down with Adobe to discuss the incredible attention to detail they put into creating on-screen graphics for Marvel’s The Avengers. From consulting with an A-10 pilot about his “ultimate HUD” to animating thousands of Illustrator elements in After Effects, their process makes for a really interesting read. The move to 3D demanded even tighter craftsmanship:

We focused a lot of time on how widgets and graphics would actually function because everything was clearly readable. Everything in the HUD, even down to the tiny micro-text, relates precisely to the current story-point.

4 thoughts on “Creating the Iron Man HUD for The Avengers

  1. Strange… I’m not getting any audio on this video. I can from other videos online, anyone else with this issue?

    1. @haris: how do you download it? when I click “download” it basically just refreshes the page. If you could upload the files and send me a link I would greatly appreciate it!!!

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