Photography: "Fora do Tempo"

Our friend Mike Hill shot 2043 photos at 1-second intervals on New Years Day at Xangri-la, Brazil, producing this lovely result:

He gives a hat tip to Lightroom & Premiere Pro for the adjustment & editing.

One thought on “Photography: "Fora do Tempo"

  1. I did think this was a slightly bland time-lapse at first, but then I really got the movement of the people, not the obvious jittery timelapse effect as people moved across the whole frame, but the subtle smooth movements of the yoga/tai chi? contrasted with the obvious jittery effects. It wasn’t so much a visual effect, it was an emotive one that captured the feel of doing tai chi or yoga in a place where everyone else is ‘flying’ past me. I ended up really enjoying the video:-)

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