Creating 32-bit (HDR) images in Lightroom 4.1

In this Quick Tip, Julieanne Kost quickly demonstrates how to create a 32-bit file from multiple exposures in Photoshop and then, using the Develop module in Lightroom 4.1 refines the image’s color and tonality both globally and selectively – all while still working in 32-bit!

5 thoughts on “Creating 32-bit (HDR) images in Lightroom 4.1

  1. You can, of course, do the same in Photoshop’s ACR.
    Just choose Camera Raw as the file format when you are opening the TIF.
    I often get better results with ACR’s new Shadow/Highlight/Clarity than with Photoshop’s HDR Toning.

  2. I’m using the trial versions of LR 4.1 and PS CS6E (I’m a CS4 / LR 3 user, about to pull the trigger on Creative Cloud). Loved Julieanne’s explanation of creating the 32 bit image in PS, but when I went to give it a try, LR is telling me “The file uses an unsupported bit depth” when it comes back in.
    I checked my version – LR 4.1 running on 10.6.8.
    In any event, thanks for your blog, John – I always learn something!

  3. Thanks for the e-mailed guidance, John! Changing the LR “Edit in Photoshop” preference from .psd to .tif fixed my issue.
    I really appreciate that you took the time to personally reach out… We use Adobe products at work, and I use them at home – the unexpected personal touch / customer service is very cool :).
    [Cool, my pleasure; it’s a chance for me to learn things, too. –J.]

  4. when i go through the steps to create the HDR and try to save the 32 bit image, it doesn’t show up in LR. Instead there’s a grey box and note saying the image is in a format that is not supported.
    Using LR4.1 and CS5
    If i make the HDR image 16 bit, it works
    What to do?

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