This Friday evening: Making photo books in Lightroom

6:30 PM To 8:30 PM at Adobe San Francisco, hosted by members of the LR team:

Making Photo Books in Lightroom! — SF Bay Area Lightroom User Group: This month’s meetup will be in San Francisco, and we’ll discuss the new Book module in Lightroom 4. We’ll go through the complete process of making a book in Lightroom, from start to finish. The presentation will include a description of how to use Auto Layout Presets, which are a powerful tool for quickly and easily making the book you want in as few clicks as possible.

Check out the site to RSVP and for additional details.

6 thoughts on “This Friday evening: Making photo books in Lightroom

  1. actually Blurb is great; maybe the problem is you.
    Of course Blurb printing is digital and does not have offset quality, but what do you expect.
    I do B&W and need really good blacks. Blurb makes them.
    I did do a test book first though as anyone who understands printing would. Instead of 50 different images, I did 3 versions of each, light, medium and dark.
    For color I would do that, see what I thought of the color, and then maybe do color tests. On the hand, color is typically easier than B&W cuz if the color is off by a few % even the author may not notice, whereas green blacks stand out like a thumb with fungus on it (sore thumbs are red 🙂

  2. blurb is not a good print service.. read the comments in the adobe lightroom forum.
    i guess 80% there agree with me.
    even scott kelby and matt k. said the quality is “decent” in one of their videos.
    form their facial expression it was clear they are not 100% satisfied with blurb. but i don´t expect them to say the blunt truth.
    but it was clear enough what they mean.
    compared to my choice the blurb prints are bad.
    i guess because my service uses a photographic print process that prints a greater gamut then blurbs print process.
    i have to pay extra to get rid of the blurb logo.. what a crap.
    and while the prints look worse blurb is even more expensive.
    blurb is for those who want to print a book fast and don´t want to search for a really good print service.
    it´s the wallmart of print services….

  3. Of course it is only those who are really upset that bother to take the time to complain so complaints in a forum isn’t the best indication of overall user satisfaction. I have done three books with Blurb and have been pleased with the quality/price value. If possible I would like to see a video of this presentation as I haven’t tried using Lightroom to do a book on Blurb and I have a couple that my Wife wants me to do.

  4. If Adobe would just Book module plug-ins to the Lightroom API, then we could get plug-ins for other services. Personally, I would like to see AdoramaPix…

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