4 thoughts on “The iPhone 5 Ultra Widescreen

  1. Considering the absurd parody that this claims to be there is some irony that actually quite a few things in the first half of the video are cool ideas.
    I found myself laughing and at the same time going, “Wait a minute”, followed by a thoughtful pause.

  2. I wondered about for what such a device could be used.
    What if there were an app such that in the horizontal mode the device could display large black lettering on a yellow background so as to provide a large print display so that people who have impaired vision could read an e-book a line at a time?
    What if there were an app so that the camera could read a QR code printed on the packaging of a grocery item with the QR code containing the text of the ingredients list of the grocery item so that a person with impaired vision could read a large print display, line by line, of the ingredients in the product?
    I think that it would be great if such a device were real and were put into manufacture.
    William Overington
    27 September 2012

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