Friday Demo/Q&A: New features in Edge Inspect (formerly Shadow)

Friday at noon Pacific, engineer Mark Rausch will show off the latest from Adobe’s tool for previewing & inspecting Web designs on devices:

Recent enhancements include the ability to install a custom local Weinre server, integration with JS Bin, localhost configurations with Learn what’s coming down the pipeline and share your feedback with the product team.

Please RSVP here.

Here’s a 2-minute peek at Edge Inspect in action:

5 thoughts on “Friday Demo/Q&A: New features in Edge Inspect (formerly Shadow)

  1. Adobe Shadow was great, now, I am getting confused. It asked me to be a cloud member, but I already have the full master suite, and it used to be free.
    So, I do not know if I can use it for longer than the trial period. Also, not sure if I need to be connected to the internet now to work.
    Sad, it started as a very cool little standalone tool. We, developers, do not like big-all-integrated tools suite.
    Anyway, I will wait until my trial expire to see if I can still use it.

    1. I forgot to mention: it doesn’t do all of what shadow/inspector does, but at least you’ll have some form of remote debugging on Webkit-Devices.

  2. I believe your company shouldnt worry about anything else getting accomplished until you fix your damn flashplayer 11 that continues to virus and spam my computer with advertisements running in the background it only happens when i install your junk on my computer nothing else i find it rediculous that i need flash player 11 to play certain games on my computer 10 never caused me any problems or virused my computer like your flash player 11 fix this now

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