Adobe wins an Emmy for Adobe Pass

This is one of those things you’ve probably never heard of (nor should you have to), but that enables all kinds of cool experiences. If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, there’s a good chance Adobe Pass helps you be able to watch shows on other devices:

Adobe Pass is now supported by more than 150 US operators as they deliver hundreds of millions of authenticated streams for major live events such as The Olympic Games […] 

Approximately 98 percent of pay TV households in the U.S. are now able to view TV content via the Adobe Pass authentication service and consumers are pushing TV Everywhere adoption to an all-time high. Given the track we are on, we expect every major TV show to be available via a TV Everywhere app within the next two years.

Here’s a brief overview:

Congrats to the team! [Via]

3 thoughts on “Adobe wins an Emmy for Adobe Pass

  1. What about a really cool service to help you find all that streaming content? Oh, hey, Fanhattan (
    Sorry John, I couldn’t resist a plug! 😉
    [Just this once! 😉 (I too have plugged Fanhattan. Now just get me that Web UI–the one apparently being coded by Godot. –J.]
    Awesome to see Adobe powering TVE. Such a great direction for the industry.

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