Lee Press-On… Styluses?


Sri Vellanki of Tech Tips has developed ‘Nano Nails’, a stylus-like tip design that’s placed on the nail or on the nail’s tip.
With Nano Nails, wearers can user their fingernails as fine, precise smartphone or tablet styluses.

Hmm—lovely, but I’ll pass on getting Margot some in favor of Corn Chip Nail Tips (“sodium-enhanced and fortified with fun!“). Those go great with a side of South Korean meat stylus.

2 thoughts on “Lee Press-On… Styluses?

  1. John,
    I bought this “colorist app” for a guy who did color for Steven Speilburg.
    I like the teaching (video) lessons, and lessons for beginner to expert. I think some of your readers and you will enjoy the approach to teaching color
    Kind regards
    Ken in KY

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