Happy Birthday, After Effects!

“I can’t believe I’m talking to these guys,” I thought. “They’re spending their time talking to me–and they’re so down-to-earth!”
That was in 2000, when I first met the brains behind After Effects. (I’d just joined Adobe, aspiring to build “AE for the Web.”) 13 years later, I still feel just the same. In any industry full of half-hit wonders acting like they’ve just cured cancer, I find Dave, Dan, and all the AE guys as relentlessly humble & passionate as can be.
So “Happy 20th anniversary to After Effects, the video package you keep promising yourself you’ll learn someday,” as I saw Matt May quip the other day. Here some pros salute this game-changing app:

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, After Effects!

  1. Was sorta late to the party when it came to AE my first versions of PS (1.07) (Premiere (beta) and AI (88) are way deeper then AE (4) but definitely regretted not using it earlier once i did try it.

  2. “relentlessly humble”? We do occasionally relent in our humility—such as when we point out which application had layers first, After Effects or Photoshop. 😉
    [Hey, which Photoshop tech are you planning to rip off next? (We both know, we just can’t yet say. ;-)) –J.]

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