Creative Cloud members: Your beautiful portfolio hosting has arrived

Check out the first fruits of Adobe’s acquisition of social network Behance: You can now build a beautiful home for your photography, design work, and résumé—all for free (instead of the usual $100/yr.), and without writing any code, as a full Creative Cloud member.

Check out this quick demo of Behance ProSite, and take a look at some lovely example sites.

To get started:

  1. Log in and go to the Apps page on
  2. Find the ProSite icon under “Other Services” and click on the “Get Started” link
  3. You’ll be brought to the ProSite welcome page on Behance, where you can either log in or sign up for Behance to build your portfolio and launch your ProSite when you’re ready.


The Behance team hints at more good stuff to come:

We will start integrating some of Behance’s best community features into Adobe tools. Want feedback? Adding new work to your portfolio? We want to make this more efficient and more integrated into your everyday workflow. Stay tuned for updates in May!

We have grand plans for ProSite – and other “Pro” features – that will make Behance a more powerful utility for creative careers. We’ve got a long list of enhancements and features that will bring online portfolios to a whole new level.

Stay tuned, and meanwhile enjoy ProSite.

8 thoughts on “Creative Cloud members: Your beautiful portfolio hosting has arrived

  1. How much does Creative Cloud cost a year?
    [It depends. $49/mo. if you’re new, $29/mo. if you’re upgrading, and I believe $19/mo. for students. –J.]

  2. This is great. I live Behance. A good design site/magazine/etc should always make me crazy with envy at other people’s skills. Behance does that. It makes me want to constantly improve.

  3. I’m looking at changing my website at present so tried looking at these sites and some other Behance sites over last few days and they take so long to arrive, I’ve given up on them.
    I used different browsers in 10.8.2, tried both my MBP and my MP and have a 100mb connection, but still struggle to see anything.

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