Come download the Lightroom 5 beta!

I’m delighted to say that a preview version of Lightroom 5 is available to download from Adobe Labs. Read about the enhancements in detail on the Lightroom Journal blog.

I’m slow on the draw in mentioning it as I’m traveling this week, but you can see Julieanne Kost’s favorite new features demoed in these quick videos:

Upright (Automatic perspective correction) – Discover how to automatically fix common problems such as tilted horizons as well as converging verticals in buildings using Lightroom’s new Upright controls for perspective correction.

The Advanced Healing Brush – Discover the new enhancements to Lightroom’s advanced Healing Brush including the ability to heal and clone non-circular brush spots as well as remove easy to miss sensor dust with using the new Visualization slider.

The Radial Filter – Learn how easy it is to apply any and all of Lightroom’s existing local adjustments including dodging and burning, adding vignettes, selectively sharpening and more to one or more completely customizable, non –destructive, circular Radial filters – anywhere in your image.

18 thoughts on “Come download the Lightroom 5 beta!

  1. Sadly, I am one of the many people for whom LR4 is simply unusable (painfully slow, choppy, unreliable) no matter the machine I use it on. I have used LR since the initial beta period and was a huge supporter and cheerleader. LR3 is the end of it for me. Such a drag. Maybe Ill download the LR5 Beta and the weird performance issues will be no longer, but Im not optimistic. LR may just be dead for me.

      1. @ProDesignTools – I know Im not alone. 🙁
        Thanks for the response. Ill give it a try, but wont get my hopes up, like I did for 4.1, .2, .3, and .4.
        Hoping to be surprised, though. I try to be an optimist.

        1. Yes, LR5b is faster than LR4 but not by much ON MY MACHINE. Either one is a lot faster than LR1. I have a W7, 8GB, v1 i7 processor with lots of fast hard drives. All of the LR work files have been offloaded and increased on seconadry drives. Kelby Media had a lot of performance enhancements. Yes, we have plenty of add-ons and plug-ins. Yes, we also run PS6 at the same time with similar performance enhancements. Makes a world of diff.

          1. Hmm, well my experience has been the opposite: a steady decline in performance of every single function of LR from LR2 to LR4.4. Do you have a link for these enhancements you refer to?

  2. Why does it seem that LR is adding functionality from Photoshop? I think LR is already too “bulky” and I find the UI hard to understand. I wouldn’t use it at all except that there is no other easy way to view a bunch of RAW files since Photoshop doesn’t seem to have that ability.

      1. Yes, you can. Plus, you can do much of what you can do with LR (at least the raw processing part) using Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). However, the organizing, sorting, sharing, and output parts are just clunky or missing, compared to LR. But for basic work on a batch of photos Bride and ACR are just fine.

        1. I just used Bridge for some simple camera raw stuff! Thanks so much for the tip. I really had no idea what Bridge was and had never opened it before.

    1. What is the diff between LR and PS: PS was designed for graphic artists and their thought process. LR was designed for photographers. The guys at Kelby use LR 80% of the time. With LR5b that number goes up. LR is no longer a front end for PS IF you so choose as a photographer.

  3. I’m a strong supporter of LR and have been since its inception. LR4 in my opinion as a photographer is a top product however there were some shortgivings abd some of them I see have been included in LR5, such as the ability to make DVD’s as I produce a lot of them for weddings. But, but, Ive downloaded the Beta version and it simply bombs out under Windows The usual box, “Windows is trying to solve the problem”. Any ideas?

  4. I have been trying to access the download page for days and am wondering if it is down or is there too much traffic? I can’t get a connection.

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