4 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: QR Codes in InDesign

  1. More awesome is the fact it looks like the rumors of it going to a cocoa app are true!
    [One of my little peeves is when people ask for a “Cocoa app,” instead of asking for whatever it is they actually want (something faster, more consistent with other Mac apps, etc.). Cocoa conversion can help with some things & hurt others (mostly by draining work away from other places you’d put your time). –J.]
    At least the interface was overhauled. As the app I spend 6-7 hours a day 5 days a week I can’t wait for it to finally get some love. It has been the step child for too long. A hugely awesome and powerful app that is for more than print.
    [Cool. –J.]

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  3. Very cool…
    …there’s an issue with the demo, particularly with the white QR code on a darker background. Yes, you can print it easy enough, but it’s not going to work on a lot of scanner apps.
    A few months back I did a project with QR codes printed on black cubes. I wanted a bright swirly blue code on a black ground, but I couldn’t get scanners to read it. It turns out the QR code standard assumes a dark code printed on a pale ground, and a lot of iPhone and Android scanner apps just aren’t smart enough to recognize an inverted code. I ended up having to use the blue swirly pattern as the ground, and print the code in black.

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