CNET: "Adobe to bring Lightroom-style photo editing to tablets"

Stephen Shankland covers today’s sneak peek (emphasis added):

[Hogarty] wouldn’t promise when it would ship or what exactly it would do, but he did demonstrate some features on prototype software running on an iPad 2, and he did offer several details about its features:

  • The ability to edit photos taken in raw photo formats, including Lightroom develop-module parameters like exposure, clarity, shadows, highlights, and white balance.
  • Cloud-synchronized editing so that changes made on a tablet arrive on the same photo on the PC.

And without promising anything, he also said he’d like to see some of Lightroom’s library-module features such as sorting them into categories or flagging picks and rejects. […]

Adobe will use technology called Smart Previews in the new Lightroom 5 beta that creates a version of a photo that’s takes up many fewer megabytes than the original. The full gamut of raw editing controls can still be used on Smart Preview images, though, and the editing instructions synchronized back with the original files.

Photographers have been demanding these moves for a long time. I’m glad to say that the wheels are turning.

Stay tuned for more info about Smart Previews. They’re a big (little) deal.

7 thoughts on “CNET: "Adobe to bring Lightroom-style photo editing to tablets"

  1. How well it will work in the real world, where uploading very large RAW files to the cloud is no easy task, remains to be seen, but it’s a welcome avenue for LR to pursue.
    Hogarty’s marketing people must be thrilled that, with the release of LR5 imminent, he decided to muddy the waters by describing a feature that may be in LR6 and a companion iOS app, thereby potentially causing some careless readers to be confused and disappointed when the feature isn’t in LR5 and some other readers to decide to skip the imminent upgrade and wait for LR6. (I’m in neither camp; I’ll happily upgrade when LR5 is released.)
    And kudos to Scott Kelby for once again padding three minutes of content into a sixty-minute podcast with fifty-seven minutes of vamping, hemming, hawing, nervous laughter, interruptions and of course advertisements. With that kind of ratio, he may well be the next host of the Today show.

  2. For mobiles I’ve always been more interested in the Library rather than the Develop mode.
    Its more realistic that I’d add keywords or descriptions than adjust color on a morning train.

  3. >>And kudos to Scott Kelby for once again padding three minutes of content into a sixty-minute podcast with fifty-seven minutes of vamping, hemming, hawing, nervous laughter, interruptions and of course advertisements
    And completely misunderstanding basic color management with his silly talk about not needing to calibrate the display since ‘everyone’ is viewing images on a Tablet. I knew he didn’t have a clue about this subject when years ago he dismissed soft proof (those dumb Photoshop and LR engineers, don’t they know it doesn’t work for Scott, so it just doesn’t work)! iOS doesn’t have a lick of color management, not that viewing your images properly is important
    I know Adobe can get huge marketing chops out of Scott and NAPP but they guy is so off base so often about basic technology, he’s alienating as many users as he’s attracting. Oh wait, he’s attracting the uneducated masses but not doing much to educate them between hyping anything he can sell. Wasn’t the case years ago, NAPP actually found a decent balance between educating properly AND selling stuff. Now he’s the PT Barnum of imaging.

  4. Agree with Jim – the power here will be the Library module (maybe map, book and slideshow as well). Don’t see any use for the develop module on an uncalibrated screen for a multitude of reasons.

    1. Library on iPad might be useful. I’d have to see what it takes to upload Smart Previews of 30K of images to an iPad. We’ll see. I love Photoshop and Lightroom and use them daily but going from a 27″ SpectraView w/CMS to the iPhone or iPad doesn’t seem like an improvement in workflow. Plus I really want to see Library Grid on a Mac run quickly, or at least as fast as the competition.

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