New 3D features coming to Photoshop

The Photoshop Extended product is gone, meaning that as of Photoshop CC, all PS users get 3D functionality. Here Zorana Gee gives a 1-minute tour of what’s new:

5 thoughts on “New 3D features coming to Photoshop

  1. So… Yeah DELETING!!! that is a huge one for me. I will finally be able and get rid of all those unused 3d layers that are bloating my file sizes! Thank you!

  2. Can’t help but notice that the application title bar in the video reads Adobe Photoshop CS7. I guess the “cloud-only” decision was finalised pretty late in the game.
    [I’d read less into strategy than branding. –J.]

  3. Great. Now that PS is faster, we’ll start bloating it again. I propose we rename the app to “Adobe Kitchen Sink”.

  4. It all looks good, but do you think we might also get a proper help reference for 3D in Photoshop this time as part of the upgrade ?

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