Thomas Knoll talks Photoshop & Creative Cloud

From Luminous Landscape

In early June 2013, Michael Reichmann & Kevin Raber sat down with Thomas Knoll, co-inventor with his brother John, of Adobe Photoshop. Thomas tells the story of two young brothers and the beginnings of Photoshop.

Later in the video, Thomas talks about the controversy surrounding Adobe’s Creative Cloud and the solution he proposed for photographers.

I can’t embed the clip, so check it out on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Thomas Knoll talks Photoshop & Creative Cloud

  1. Amazing!
    They have talk about everything but not about main concern to all photographers, that is what happened to all PSD files after people stop to subscribe.
    This trio thinks, that photographers are stupid.
    I have lived 32 years under communism regime and this what we had those days.
    This kind of propaganda.
    Look how they speak to each other.
    There is no free discussion, all of them are act like they have stage fear and like they are not honest.
    I am sure, that during this trip they discussed about this topic many times and at front of camera they tried to pretend like it is first time.
    Terrible video !
    “… and the solution he proposed for photographers.”
    And what solution he proposed ??? Tell me, please.

  2. Sorry, no exit strategy, no solution. Price is great now for LR and PS, love having lots of “free” updates. Like not having to pay for stuff most photogs don’t need but will Adobe be able to hold at current CC subscription prices and what will happen when they up the price?
    If they can keep it cheep enough, it may come out all right but if they can’t, pirates and competition will out.
    And, with no exit strategy, the hate when prices take someone out of the model will only grow.

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