150+ new enhancements coming to Adobe CC video apps

Creative Cloud is all about continuous innovation. The CC apps that debuted just a couple of months back are already getting a ton of enhancements, and Adobe’s rolling out a brand-new iPad app, Prelude Live Logger. Highlights of this round of updates include:

  • Direct Link integrated color pipeline between Premiere Pro and SpeedGrade
  • Expanded native support for 4K and higher resolution, RAW, and  UltraHD content
  • New mask tools – new Mask Tracker in After Effects and multiple masks in SpeedGrade
  • A smoother editing experience with new editing features, improved multicam and closed captioning
  • Faster on-set production workflows, including a preview of the new Prelude Live Logger iPad app
  • Powerful image upscaling in After Effects
  • Performance optimizations
  • Media Browser in After Effects
  • Sync Settings in Adobe Media Encoder
  • Better production planning with Adobe Story Plus

Check out this quick demo from Jason Levine:

More videos are here. For complete details on what’s new just in After Effects, check out Todd Kopriva’s very thorough post.

3 thoughts on “150+ new enhancements coming to Adobe CC video apps

  1. I am seriously angry with Adobe today.
    Adobe talk about enhancements, CC and al the rest but I just wish CC would work for me. I have nothing but trouble with InDesign CC and Bridge CC now kicking up a fuss.
    I’ve tried twice now to use the CC products I am paying (through the nose) for and it always ends in disaster.
    This afternoon was the absolute last straw with CC when InDesign failed on several levels. It would not save documents correctly and it crashed heavily when I was trying to export to .pdf. I lost HOURS of work!
    An so John I really have had it with CC. Nothing but problems and instability.
    I am now starting the search for alternative products.
    I’m looking at ACDSee (where I came from to Adobe in the first lace)
    I really would welcome any advice anyone could give on a product to place InDesign – the program I use most.
    My advice to Adobe is stop pushing out new features when the existing features fail to work correctly.
    Finally John, who do I talk to to get the money I have paid into CC back again. The products don’t work correctly and there seems to be no point me trying to use them or pay for them.

    1. hej Richard,
      I’m very sorry to read about the trouble you have.
      I’m using InDesign CC every day. Intensive. No problems so far. The few times it crashed, it recovered the documents completely. Can you tell us what system you use and what you did before the crashes?
      A god place to get help are the Adobe forums. http://forums.adobe.com/index.jspa
      Since most users don’t have your massive problems it really seems that it could be caused by something that you have on your system. Does your system meet the requirements? Find them here:
      Did you try to uninstall all CC apps and re-install one after the other? Sometimes this little steps help. There are so much reasons software may not work properly. And in most cases it is the tremendous amount of different apps and tools on the users systems. Mostly those freeware stuff that is not well tested.
      Try the forums or try Adobe support.
      Or drop me a note here and I’ll send you my mail address. Maybe we find a way to solve this off this blog.
      Cheers Markus

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