Enfojer: A portable smartphone photographic enlarger

It’s sort of the anti-Instagram: Deliberately slow, old-school image-making, but augmented with one’s smartphone.

From the Kickstarter Indiegogo page:

Enfojer bridges almost 200 years of photographic history, from the first camera to the most recent hybrid camera phones that made photography ubiquitous. It is our hope and desire that with this little gadget we preserve the old art of photo development and help you, and you, and you rediscover the magic that happens in a darkroom.


2 thoughts on “Enfojer: A portable smartphone photographic enlarger

  1. Thanks, but I’ve spent more hours in darkrooms than I care to recall. I am much happier making the magic happen in Adobe’s Lightroom and my computer and it a well lighted room like my front office.

  2. Actually, it’s an Indiegogo project. Not Kickstarter. KS probably isn’t available in Croatia yet. Neat project though.
    [Ah yes, thanks! Will fix. –J.]

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