Extend Generator to customize Photoshop

“Extracting my design intent from PSDs felt tedious and repetitive,” writes Photoshop UI designer Tim Riot. “I conceived of Adobe Generator as a means to empower people to quickly and easily access the design data within PSDs. With Generator, anyone who knows JavaScript can create their own way of working with Photoshop.”
With that in mind, Tom Krcha has posted a guide on how you can Script Your First Adobe Generator Plugin For Photoshop. On a related note, developer evangelist Lee Brimelow has created a really deep look at the new feature:


2 thoughts on “Extend Generator to customize Photoshop

  1. Still wondering as a non CC user what the file size looks like. Part of the Save for web workflow was to create the smallest files that look the best using the options available. I haven’t really found anything that speaks to how the file sizes compare. Seems like it would be good for getting quick useable mockups online and then maybe you would do further optimization afterward?

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