Give feedback on the Behance app redesign

Things you may or may not know (seems like a lot of people don’t just yet):

  • Last year Adobe acquired Behance, a kickass network of more than a million creative people posting amazing work.
  • Behance introduced Work in Progress (WIP), a way for you to get feedback from fellow artists while you work through a project.
  • Behance offers a great mobile app for browsing portfolios, finding work, and more.

Now Behance designer Eric Snowden & team are posting daily updates as they redesign the Behance mobile app. Just today they debuted a design for the long-requested iPad version of the app. Designers are weighing in with their comments, and the team would love to hear your thoughts, too.

5 thoughts on “Give feedback on the Behance app redesign

  1. Can you just set up a normal personal photo website on Behance, or is it all about this community sharing, social networking stuff? I have yet to see any information about Behance that isn’t couched in MarketSpeak, or worse AdobeSpeak.
    Is there a source for some straightforward information?

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