Adobe XD, now designing in the open

“It is better to design with than simply for,” writes Adobe VP of Experience Design Michael Gough. He talks about how the team wants more community participation in the creation process:

We call them The People’s Apps. Although we are pretty good at designing for professional creatives, we aren’t always as confident when we are designing for the masses. […] So we decided to kick off the design of The People’s Apps in public. What that means right now is that we will post our designs on a regular basis on Behance.

Check out the projects here. For example, Marks is a new sketching & ideation app, and Rough Cut “aims to reinvent video editing by rethinking the traditional video timeline.”

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Adobe XD, now designing in the open

  1. What’s available so far looks really promising. For Rough Cut in particular for me – it seems to line up with comments and suggestions posted here recently. But it’s not so easy to figure how open The People’s Apps are truly gonna be … I understand that it’s possible to gain feedback on the UI and such, via “we will post our designs on a regular basis on Behance”, but is Adobe more formally seeking input on functionalities and features?
    [Designer Josh Ulm replies, “We are always speaking with customers about our work. The People’s apps are simply another out in the open way to show our work and get immediate feedback about what we’re thinking about. Our team is constantly monitoring the Behance site and responds regularly to the feedback there. Any and all comments are welcome.” –J.]

    1. John (and Josh), Thanks for this clarification. I’d already posted a comment at the Rough Cut work-in-progress page (before writing here). I’m gonna be updating my own Behance page more thouroughly – – to possibly cover some of the same developmental groundwork (… but I first gotta figure-out whether CC subscribers can post videos there from their own CC storage “locker” …)

  2. Sadly still no replacement for yet for Fireworks. Whether it will be called Webshop or something else, even if its a year away I think we’d all like to know it’s at least being worked on.

  3. This move on my part with CC and these new apps and ideas is proving to be the best thing I have done the last two quarters. I am very grateful to all your people John.

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