Get refocusing & more in the new Google Camera app

Lytro-like refocusing, Photo Sphere creation, and more are available in the new Google Camera app:

Lens Blur lets you change the point or level of focus after the photo is taken. You can choose to make any object come into focus simply by tapping on it in the image. By changing the depth-of-field slider, you can simulate different aperture sizes, to achieve bokeh effects ranging from subtle to surreal (e.g., tilt-shift). The new image is rendered instantly, allowing you to see your changes in real time.

You can go nerd out on the Google Research blog. [Via]

2 thoughts on “Get refocusing & more in the new Google Camera app

  1. John,
    Here’s a just published New York Times viewpoint:
    I’ll have to borrow the babe’s ‘phone and check this out later. Not sure that the comparison with Lytro is apposite … but nevertheless I do think that this image segmentation by subject isolation is a key thing in many editing/post-processing steps. For example, the image that the NYT picked up as an example could be improved further by desaturating the newly defocused background a little – all that sunlit greenness upper right is too distracting …

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