Three quick improvements to Google+ Photos on the Web

My new team is constantly working to polish the Google+ Photos experience. Recently we’ve introduced three small enhancements that make it easier to find, manage, and download your files:

  • Easily find old photos you’ve just uploaded with the “Recently added” view (available via the “More” menu within Photos). This view sorts your collection according to upload date, rather than capture date, so all the images you’ve just added appear first.
Photos Recent
  • Want to see all the images from a particular camera model or manufacturer? Open any photo, look in the “Photo details” section, then click the name of your camera (for example “Nexus 5”). Google will search your library and show all matching images.

Search by camera

  • Google+ can store full-resolution copies of your images, including RAW originals. That’s great, but how do you download the originals? Open any image in Google+ Photos, then choose “More->Download photo,” then choose “Original.”
Download original

As I say, the team is constantly cranking away, so let us know what else you’d like to see!

2 thoughts on “Three quick improvements to Google+ Photos on the Web

  1. I would love to be able to edit the date of the album, Picasa and all the other big photo sharing sites do this and my collection is a mess without this feature. I use a Chromebook so I can’t even install a program to do this.

  2. One more thing I’d like to request is to bring the features of the newly acquired Flock teams app to Google+, having a collaborated album doesn’t work properly with Events and should be far easier than what it is. The Flock app is how photos should be shared, easy, frictionless and privacy focussed.

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