“A Step Forward Into The Past”: Analog Efex Pro 2 reviewed

Gannon Burgett writes in PetaPixel,

After spending some time with the program, it seems as though Analog Efex Pro II is a great deal speedier than its predecessor. Not only is speed improved though, it offers a much more diverse array of filter options and far more precision in terms of nailing the toning of an image, adding grain, etc.

Overall, it’s a rather impressive improvement and while I was admittedly skeptical at first, it’s most certainly worthy of calling itself 2.0.

Download it now for Mac and Windows.

3 thoughts on ““A Step Forward Into The Past”: Analog Efex Pro 2 reviewed

  1. Long time fan of Nik Software. However, I remain confused about how the updates occur or how I go about initiating them. I watched the Grid last night and seen several reviews of Analog Pro 2, but my version remains unchanged. What I Have read of the FAQ is a little unclear. I will be raising this with Google/Nik help, but i though you should be aware of the confusion.
    Regards and many thanks for all you have done.

  2. i did get the auto updates…. even though I have the programs blocked from connecting to the internet. So i was a little pissed off and wondering how google was able to do it…. turns out if you have chrome they install an updater that tries to keep track of all their products. google can go suck an egg

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