Doco panel speeds up document management in Photoshop

I always had this in mind for the just-retired Mini Bridge, but we never quite got there. PetaPixel writes,

Doco’s goal is to help you better view and manage multiple Photoshop documents when they’re open at the same time. Using the extension’s cleverly-designed panel, swapping between images or compositions becomes a far more intuitive experience… no more having to remember what tab holds what photo.

The panel site says,

Doco brilliantly lets you copy selected layers or adjustments from document to document with a simple drag and drop. Moreover, drop the layers icon outside and Doco will create a new document for you. How awesome is that!



4 thoughts on “Doco panel speeds up document management in Photoshop

    1. Well… I bought it and it’s very nice but a little buggy and slows down the app specifically when opening and closing docs. It must have to process the docs which makes sense but I’m probably not going to leave the panel open all the time. Might be best used for specific tasks.

    2. The developer contacted me after seeing this post (!!!) and fixed the hesitation issue. Working great now. A++ customer service.

  1. Mini Bridge? I hardly knew ye.

    I’d like to dope slap the Illustrator programmer who decided to truncate filenames in the Window listing and recently opened file list.

    I can’t be the only person who treats any plugin as a potential nuisance and waste of money due to compatibility problems and frequent changes to Adobe applications.

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